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    1 year out of date grain?

    a year later. basically most of the grain went to feed chickens. if your grain is chrushed and its that far out of date, dump it live and learn
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    For those in Ireland who want to purchase co2

    Hi gang. Those of us living in the land of the black stuff have a pretty hard time getting co2 for our homebrew but it looks like there have been some changes since December 2013. BOC are the crowd to handle this stuff but its been very user unfriendly untill now. This link is to their I presume...
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    please learn to use the search function at the top of the page (and the dropdown menu beside it)
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    where can i find apparent attenuation of muntons dark DME

    i have been looking everywhere on the net, even on the muntons website and i cant find a list of apparent attenuation for their products. i am bottle carbing and all i have is powdered DME. the carb calculators need an accurate value if this is going to be right. can anyone help me out please
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    New to the forum

    welcome this helped me a lot
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    the perfect brew.

    when you find it please let us all know
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    How long after sanitizing a carboy can you still consider it clean?

    if it is covered airtight then indefinately, in reality i would give it a week. then again with 3 cups of water and a pinch of steraliser and 1 min of time your resteralised. just give it a rinse with solution
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    Single canned kit FG

    how out of date? if it was something like a year i would have dumped it. the fg from kits can vary wildly. warm it up a small bit for 2 days and give it a shake. leave it till next weekend to bottle. the instructions with the kit are only a guideline. double all times given. the yeast did work...
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    1/2 pkg Safale 05

    you can but why? save $3. your inviting infection to your next batch. throw it all in and buy more
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    Irish Car Bomb Stout

    so i did a muntons extract kit irish stout and i soaked a vinalla pod in a .7 liter jamsons whiskey for 2 weeks and added this to a seccondry and left it for a couple of months. after tasting two of them i can say its not enough whiskey and not enough vinalla. if you dont know the whiskey is...
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    NEW: worlds strongest beer @ 65% abv from scotland

    The world's strongest beer! Despite being 65%, this beer has lots of flavour. It's slightly sweet, hoppy, malty and retains much of the yeast present during fermentation. Bottles are conditioned but we recommend people drink this in 35ml measures. So drink with friends to save it going...
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    1 year out of date grain?

    a stout is great to cover up any nasty little flavours so ill brew a few batches of stout. plenty of roast and a few months itll be grand. im still working on my recipe so a few free brews will be good
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    1 year out of date grain?

    as an update for all those who see this in the future. i made a stout with the out of date grain and when i bottled it it tasted terrible. a horrible twang to it that tasted like what i imagined an infection would taste like. so a few months passed and this weekend i went to dump it down the...
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    oak barrel for sale in IRELAND

    not mine. just saw the add and i know these can be rare so i thought id pass it on