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    Pitching yeast from fully fermented wort?

    I just brewed a nice Witbier and ended up with too much wort. So I let one half gallon of it ferment in my yeast starting jug (I couldn't fit it all in my primary). If I want to use the same yeast again for the same recipe, could I just pitch the half gallon of completely fermented wort for...
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    yeast starter size

    The (target) OG was 1.103 in 6 gallons. I hit about 1.090 in 6.5. Note the sliding bar on the bottom that determines how many vials of liquid yeast you're pitching. So I wonder: does anyone actually pitch the "right" amount for big beers? Or, do you guys pitch the "right" amount for *any*...
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    yeast starter size

    I used the calculator on to find a good yeast starter size for my brew, and it said I needed an 8liter starter. What does that mean? (I know that sounds like a dumb question). Does that mean I need to add 8 liters of starter wort to my beer when pitching (that seems like an awful...
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    urgent, please help...

    Okay, I'm brewing my dream beer, it's been fermenting for a few days, and I'm an idiot. It's in a plastic bucket with an airlock (I've never used a blow off system before but now I know why that's a good idea...). After a few days of fermenting, I came home from work today to find the top of...
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    Questions about my first "big" beer

    I just tried my first all-grain "big" beer. I ended up with 6.5 gallons of 1.088 wort, which I was pretty happy with. This was a bit low, but I ended up with too much wort too, so it's okay (I had to sparge alot and then boil down). My fermentation started okay but I noticed a very subtle...
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    hop bits during boil... use a bag?

    Whenever I add hops during my boil, I get a surge in the boil and the pot's sides end up coated with all the hops. This seems broken because those precious hops aren't still in the beer where they belong. What do people do to solve this problem? Throw the hops in slower? Scrape them off the...
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    boil vigor

    How much does the vigor of the boil matter? What is the effect of a stronger boil? I tend to have pretty weak boils because my pot is only 30 quarts. Last night, I cranked the heat up a bit more as the wort boiled off, and got a better boil going. And it just looked different. I wonder if a...
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    Hops/chunks in my bottled beer

    I popped open a beer today and it started (after a few seconds) to foam/gush. I poured it, and everything tasted good, except there was tons of hop chunks in the bottle (enough that I actually poured it again through a mesh and got several tablespoons of the green hop chunks). This was worse...
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    Sugar in a mild

    I've heard people talking about using simple sugar in a mild after a hot mash (for mouthfeel). What gives? What is this for? Does it make sense? Is this a good way to make a decent mild? I've heard it referred to as the "traditional" method. thanks, Scott
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    Excerpt from Basic Brewing Radio

    I bet he ferments the fruit separately and then blends them together. He talked specifically about how brewers could learn a lot from winemakers, and how winemakers blend to acheive a desired taste. Regarding oak, remember he uses old barrels, not new chips; that's part of the reason why his...
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    Used Wine Barrels for Beer?

    If you look through the recent episodes on Basic Brewing Radio, you'll find a recent episode where they talked at quite some length about aging beer in wood barrels. Very informative. pax, Scott
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    Rusty bottle caps...?

    What do you guys think, am I a complete moron for having just bottled with rusty bottle caps? I didn't want to, but all the caps I had were rusty. Is this going to hose my beer? pax, Scott :confused:
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    hot mash: malty or mouthy?

    I keep reading different things about mashing on the high side (say, 158F). Some people say it will make the beer maltier, some people say it will only give it a bigger mouthfeel. Which is it?
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    Cleaning Suggestion

    I don't use bleach myself, but I understand that (in the proper concentrations) it is a no-rinse sanitizer. The difficulty with bleach is that it is only a no-rinse sanitizer in (1) the proper concentration and (2) at the correct pH. There was a recent podcast on Basic Brewing radio about this...
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    Water from an outdoor hose?

    If it's pre-boil, it's probably fine. I wouldn't use hose water to dilute a boil though. I think the chances of bad bacteria would be much much higher in a hose than in a potable water line. pax, Scott