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    Illinois 110v Dual Element Recirculating Brew in a Bag Kettle, Contoller, Chiller, Will Ship!

    Is this still available? I'm interested if you could quote me shipping to 23236 in VA Thanks!
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    2-3gal in a 5gal carboy?

    Fill the headspace. Sorry hit reply early.
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    2-3gal in a 5gal carboy?

    No, the co2 from fermentation will
  4. Schwind

    2-3gal in a 5gal carboy?

    You're fine. I ferment 3 gal test batches in a 5 gallon carboy. The co2 produced by fermentation will fill the headspace and push any air out of the airlock. Rack as you normally do and everything should be fine.
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    dry hopping in primary/ bottling bucket? ?

    I always add the pellets first and rack on top of them. This gets them mixed in with the beer sooner and allows them to "disintegrate." the pellets will form a green layer on top and look a little funky. This is normal. Get a big strainer bag or pantyhose to go over your racking cane/autosiphon...
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    Whats your commute time?

    9 minutes. I can come home for lunch, quick walk with the dog, and be back before patients show up for the afternoon.
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    Advice for a novice brewer attempting an American ESB (AG)

    Carafa 2 is dehusked. It will add color without the roasty bitterness that black patent can. A few ounces goes a long way in color.
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    American IPA, advice on hops

    The cent/cascade combo is great. You'll probably want to add a 15 min addition for added flavor. If it's going to be a big beer like you said, a 20 min addition couldn't hurt. The flavor additions are 25-10 min, aroma is 10-0. Also, search for hopbursting. You do a smaller 60 min addition, and...
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    Next equipment and recipe purchase from NB...suggestions welcomed.

    +1 again on wort chiller. That with a fountain pump to circulate ice water(30 bucks from Lowes) and you can cool your wort to any temp you want. It's mandatory here in va in the summer. If you're not doing full boils, the little chiller is fine.
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    Getting ready for my first Lager Help!

    Okay, before I answer, I'll start by saying you should search for these questions. All of them have been answered before. 2nd, reading the FAQ pages will do wonders. Now to answer them, 60* is about 10* to high for a lager beer. Primary fermentation should be around 50* and should last 2ish...
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    Upsides to the Penrose Kettle!

    I posted a link a little ways up the thread for bayou classics jambalaya lid. Here it is again
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    Has anyone tried Clarity Ferm (Brewers Clarex) from White Labs?

    So I brewed an IPA for a gluten intolerant friend. The OG was 1.064 and I added the clarity ferm when I pitched the yeast. I didn't test it because these things are pricey. She drank it, said it was awesome but got a headache later in the evening. She said she felt fine the next day but the...
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    Water Pump for Immersion Chiller

    I went to Lowes and got the cheapest fountain pump they had. It was 30 bucks. I few misc. plumbing pieces later it's works great. I would advise to use your tap water to knock the temps down to around 100 before using the ice water or you'll go through a ton of ice. I think edwort has a thread...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2011?

    5 - amber ale 4- pils 5 lager 8 IPA 10 pale 12283