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    Please Help! - Kegerator Compressor will not start

    EDIT: Okay after tinkering with it for about an hour. I started to dive through all of the Love control settings, apparently I had the c0 = Minimum time between start and stop. I had the setting set with a min time between start and stop set at 30 minutes, so each time I would unplug/plug to...
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    First brew, TWO blow offs last night!

    +1 for the Sump Pump, I use a 400gpm pump and re-circ icewater that I keep in a 60qt coleman cooler. It is a necessity out here in AZ between March/April and September/November. I can get temps from boiling down to 68°F in about 20 minutes or so with my immersion chiller. When the obsession...
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    To Glass Jug or not to Glass Jug?

    No hops? Lightstrike may not be as great of an issue regarding apfelwein. I purchased a case of 12 cobalt blue bottles for my apfelwein, but Ii tend to keep them in a box for bottle carbonation or keg, and refer after.
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    Dry Hopping - Newbie Question

    FWIW, I just dry hopped an IPA tonight. Added a sanitized paint strainer bag full of marbles (also sanitized while in the bag actually :) ) and about 3 oz of leaf Citra into a 5 gallon corny keg while carbing. The bag will stay in there because this keg will be gone fast (birthday party first...
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    Did I screw up?

    Yes, you screwed up, but that's okay. We learn from our mistakes. Next time use a regular piece of hose for your siphon and pinch it off for each bottle. Far better than pouring! But do not fret, you have beer and as others have stated drink it soon, do not try to age all. Congrats...
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    First brew, TWO blow offs last night!

    I've been brewing for a few years now, and I can remember the first time my 3 piece airlock continually clogged. I simply cracked the lid on my bucket and let it do what it needed too. Having said that, I use a blow off rig every time now (also have switched to 6 gallon carboys), and I also...
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    under filled bottles?

    Agreed, I I just kegged 5 gallons of an IPA and realized that the blow of rig ran dry, who knows for how least a week... Oxidation? maybe some, hopefully there was a co2 blanket. What I am saying, is that you will still have beer that you made, and it will still be good! Always...
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    To Glass Jug or not to Glass Jug?

    I agree with nettekdl go with the 750ml swing-tops. Beyond being designed to hold an adequate amount of pressure, they are nostalgic, reusable, and make great gifts which the bottle may be returned when the recipient has finished the gift inside. There are some nice 64oz SS wide-mouth...
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    Bottling Tips for the Homebrewer

    If you haven't read through this thread, bottle over your dishwasher with the door open, and use your dishwasher as a drying rack for your bottles and bottling gear. Makes clean up simple and your drips and such will end up on the inside of your dishwasher rather than on your floor. I have a...
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    TapRite Regulator Bonnet Removal

    EDIT: Okay. Apparently, the caps pop right off with a little force... My bad.
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    TapRite Regulator Bonnet Removal

    Does anyone know how to remove the red plastic bonnet cap on a TapRite regulator? I have one that is stripped and I would like to remove it in order to use it until I receive a replacement part. I have seen the instructions on how to replace the cap, but there aren't any instructions on...
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    Use KNOX! It's the best label adhesive

    I mainly keg, because bottling is a pain in the ass for the most part, but I do like making labels and such, so I thought I'd give it a whirl! KNOX is effing awesome as an adhesive for labels..pure genius!!!! Thank you!!!
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    cold crashing yeast starter VS NOT

    Old post bump... FWIW, it can be argued that cold crashing allows the yeast to rebuild glycogen reserves thereby providing stores for healthy aerobic reproduction phase.
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    Experiment with my Witbier Recipe.

    Hi all, Been a while since I have posted. I've been attempting to complete my bachelors degree, and have simply been unable to brew due to the workload this past semester. Regardless, my question(s) is relatively simple (I suppose.) I normally do my research as thoroughly as possible, but...
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    Critique THIS IPA Recipe. . . if you can!

    I have FWH only once before, but the results were good. FWIW, my whirlpool is usually running by the last 15 minutes of the boil, so glamour additions will be a sort of a hop steep for about 20-30 minutes. It is supposed to be in thf tripple digits here tomorrow so chilling will be slow.