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    Pectic Enzyme in Secondary

    Of note, the Pectic Enzyme is a year old and has been in the cold for a good period of time. Not sure if that matters. I was under the assumption that pectic enzyme added even to a hazey secondary would clear it up. Is it only doable in the early stages of the primary, or at least after...
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    Pectic Enzyme in Secondary

    I've been making 30gallons a year for the past 3 seasons with my own apples. But this year somethings different. My cider is not clearing in any of the carboys. Like years past, I left it in primary for 2-3months, then racked it over to rest another 3+ months. It began to clear and by the...
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    Fermenting Temperature

    I pressed 30 gallons and left it on my porch in late October. The temperature swung down to mid 40's in the carboys. Action ceased. I guess that's not shocking (pun?), but I do like to keep it around 60, in the mid 50's it seemed to bubble fine, of course they were still bubbling a bit 4...
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    Primary to Secondary

    I pressed 30 gallons at my home last October. As in years past, I'm a bit slow to rack. This year was no different, I finally racked it all last eve. I'd like to rack at 6 weeks but at 2 and 3 months in the Primary I've found no problem. To also chime in on your other questions, a correct...
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    Hard cider help! Please hurry!

    That's right. As Evan said, what the website is trying to do is arrest the fermentation creating a sweeter cider. And a still one at that. Personally, I love Still ciders. Of course if you keg, you can carbonate anything regardless. If you want to suspend the yeastly duties like the website...
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    When I am ready to rack

    Crazy's way is best. If you don't have the carboy hood atm. Then simply put the carboy a good 3feet+ over the racking carboy/bottling bucket for gravity. Throw a racking cane in, clean your mouth with listerine/vodka and suck your way to a better you. works the same.
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    Unpasteurized pressed Cider / First Apelwein

    After 70 gallons the past 2 years, I use campden in everything. It's personally pressed and very unpastuerized. Never had a problem. I prefer this over store bought or pastuerized. After 20 carboys I did try the au natural approach with no campden and natural yeast experiment. 10 days later...
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    15 Gallons of Ed's Apfelwein

    Is that blue bucket there to contain all the yeast that will blow out of that tiny head space?
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    NO apple taste

    1lb of sugar to 1gallon of juice you're going for that 10+ abv% I see. Cider takes longer to ferment (and certainly age) then beer. 10 days is a start, but I'd let it sit for 3 and 4 weeks. Let it clear, then try tasting it again. You're going for bottles (not kegging) so if you add...
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    Old Extract kit, may have mold.

    Thank you for the help! Realizing that 7lbs of extract is easily half the cost of the kit itself, and it's a harmless mold, I'll just scrape and boil. It doesn't appear to be crystalization, although I'd be happy to be wrong. It's a white pasty glue like substance stuck to the sides...
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    Old Extract kit, may have mold.

    Hi guys, I picked up a vanilla oatmeal stout partial mash in January '06. For various reasons I haven't got around to it, usually messing around with another batch before I could get to this one. Nothing has been opened and has been stored at room temperature. Today I went to look at the...
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    Average time for fermentation to take off?

    The funky smell may be from the natural yeast that you didn't kill off first. That is, if you didn't pasterize or (preferrably) add campden beforehand.
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    Correct way to use Fruit in Cider?

    Thank you Dave.
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    Correct way to use Fruit in Cider?

    I really appreciate the help. What is the reasoning behind freezing first? To kill thriving bacteria? And wouldn't heating to 160F prior do the same? Thanks again.
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    Correct way to use Fruit in Cider?

    Hi guys, I've really poured through the forums on this one but couldn't come up with enough data that satisfies. What is the correct way to use fruit in cider? I've read use in primary.. I've read use in secondary (after sorbistat k as a back sweetener creating a still cider to throw into...