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    help! Tap-a-draft Leaking..

    If its an issue of a the threads leaking or the cap coming loose try some plumbers tape.
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    Boiling kettle

    Is it true that the foam control products also effect head retention?
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    Bottle label

    I made the A larger, but still haven't found a font I like to make the text more readable.
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    Bottle label

    As far as enlarging the A, I could do that but I want to keep the text, it took me a long time to come up with it all. As far as the meaning of everything it is, all of it, important. The "a" is because I think I'm going to call my "personal brewery" or, whatever one calls it, "Artisan". The...
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    Bottle label

    this is a work in progress I would just like some opinions. Real size is 3.5"x5.547". This is designed for regular bottles. Please bear in mind that this is my first piece of visual creative work ever. thanks
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    A word on gelatin

    Well it's an interesting subject. I am definitely an omnivore but being a Catholic I don't consume meat or its products on Fridays. I'd hate to not have to drink beer on a Friday just because I used gelatin. Also, the thought about not telling someone that it would matter to that you use an...
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    Brew didnt clear up

    I used Whirfloc but I don't have much of a cooling system (yet) so I'm certain there was little cold break. It sat in the primary for 28 days. It's in the fridge now so lets hope it clears up a bit.
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    Brew didnt clear up

    Hello all, I just finished bottling (tap-a-draft) my first brew. I did the extract kit located here. Now, it looks like beer, and smells like beer. Doesnt even really taste too bad. But it didn't clear up very much at all and...