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    Kettle Sour Help

    June 5 still only down to 4.54 pH. Gravity only down to 1.014. The S-05 was slow to start then had a weird krausen. Big soap bubbles. I think the pre souring point above is right I think all head will be lost on this one. Tastes ok, kinda funky, not sour at all. Added two drops 88% lactic to...
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    Kettle Sour Help

    Well that did not work out at all. Calibrated my pH meter and tested known sample and it was pretty accurate. 24 hours no smell. 48 hours smelled a little sour but kinda pedo (which I did not add) only down to 5.2. Fairly thick white stringy pellicle. 72 hours (well 69 hours) only down to 5.0...
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    Kettle Sour Help

    Brewed yesterday. pH meter said 5.56 at room temp, but that was the first time I'm using a meter so I'm not sure of its' accuracy. In keeping with the Cheap & Easy theme, no pre-acidification, no CO2 blanket, no starter. Pitched one pack of Wyeast 5335 Lactobacillus buchneri, manufacture date...
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    Kettle Sour Help

    Cross contamination concerns. Can heat sanitize with the boil in the kettle. Also going to add hops in the boil for IBU's in the teens after the souring and I'd worry they would suppress the lacto. Thanks for the info. Rudeboy
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    Kettle Sour Help

    I want to make a Kettle Sour. I know some purists are against it but when people cut it down for being cheap and easy. I thought "Cheap? Easy? That sounds like me." So not planning on hitting a style or cloning anything. If you're in Canada Russell's The Kettle Sour is about what I'm looking...
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    New German IPA Question

    I want to make a west coast IPA but with new German hops. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these hops and how they'll work together. Bitter with 30 g of Magnum. 30g Mandarina 15 minutes 30g Huell Melon 10 minutes 30g Hallertau Blanc 5 minutes 15g of Mandarina, Huell Melon&...
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    English IPA - Fuggles and/or EKG?

    See if you can get Challanger or Target higher alpha British hops for the bittering. It reduces the vegetative material in the kettle and still has that "British" taste. I mix Fuggles and EKG later then just 28 g of EKG in the dry hop. I like 60'ish IBU for an British IPA. Rudeboy
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    New Zealand IPA Hops Question

    I just got 60 g of Nelson Sauvin, Moetuka and Green Bullet. I want to make a IPA that showcases them. I was thinking 28 g of Green Bullet @ 60 minutes. 28 g of Motueka @ 10 minutes. 28 g of Nelson Sauvin @ 5 minutes. 28 g of Motueka @ 0 minutes. Then 14 g each of Nelson Sauvin and Green...
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    Parti-gyle Westvleteren 12 and Patersbier questions?

    Late follow up follow up. At first I thought the Westy 12 was a little one demensional and nothing like the real one, for the first year. After a year tasted great and very much like the real thing. So this recipe will get you there but you have to wait it out in the bottle. Bad news is I...
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    Where to go in Oregon?

    Hey thanks all. Lots of great ideas. I got my mojo working and I'm taking it on a road trip. Rudeboy
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    Where to go in Oregon?

    I'm planing on driving from Alberta Canada down through Idaho then out to Portland, then to the Oregon Coast, then up throgh Washington and home. I have in my head a few places to stop (Pelican in Cape Kiwanda, Chuckanut Brewery in Bellingham amoung others). But the choices seem almost...
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    Beer Engine and Cask Questions

    Really love British cask conditioned ales. If I went whole hog and got a pin and a beer engine I have some questions. 1. Most beer engines I see for home brewers are 1/4 pint pulls. It's going to be mostly me drinking it so I'm going to have a CO2 breather on the pin (CAMRA be damned) and...
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    Anyone Have a Recipe for Belhaven Best?

    No, I never did get any response nor see any recipe anywhere so I just winged it. 3.4 KG Golden Promise 400 g 60L Crystal 50 g Black Patent Malt 20 g Fuggles 60 min 20 g EKG 60 min 15 g Fuggles 30 min 15 g Fuggles 15 min Mash 154 F 74% efficiency for 1.039 OG 1.010 FG for...
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    Questions abut 100% Nelson Sauvin APA

    I just got 2 oz. of Nelson Sauvin. To my knowledge I’ve never had a beer with this hop so I was thinking of making an APA with it. Not a SMaSH but a fairly simple grain bill and then 100% Nelson Sauvin. Thinking 20 g at 60 minutes, 20 g at 20 minutes and 20 g at 5 minutes. I’d like to do this...
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    Parti-gyle Westvleteren 12 and Patersbier questions?

    OK follow up for anyone in the future looking at this (which will probably be me "Hi future me"). Did 7 KG Pils 2 KG Dark Munich. Pretty much maxed out my MLT even with a relatively thick mash. Did a protein rest to help fermentability. Took first runnings and half of second runnings for...