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    Illinois 20 gallon conical & Johnson a419

    Let me know if you want to ship that conical to SLC, UT. 84118.
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    Solid state fermenter chiller

    i'd love to see some pics of this setup if you're still using it.
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    conical fermenter heater/cooler

    Kshuler, I am getting ready to copy your design. Any chance you could explain how you wired it? (or is it obvious once one has those parts?) Also, what size peltier chips did you use? (model number by chance?) I'm meeting a friend tomorrow who has a machine shop to discuss him making me some...
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    Plastic BPA in Speidel Braumeister

    Due to the fact that speidel did not try and contact me back or follow up with emails, I've decided to not buy one. I'm working on a different solution. With no follow up, I'd be afraid if something broke or I needed additional support on a $3,000+ piece of equipment. Sent from my...
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    Purchasing a 1HP aquarium chiller...

    Having used a cooler like that, do you think putting it on a closed system from the chiller to a jacketed conical would work? It would probably only recycle 1/2 gallon of glycol. I was thinking I would only have it turn on when it started to get to hot with a digital ranco controller on the...
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    Purchasing a 1HP aquarium chiller...

    Any update? I'm very interested in your setup. I've been thinking of hooking up a aquarium chiller to a jacketed conical. Still considering possibilities.
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    3-in-1 "Boil Kettle, Jacketed Chiller, Conical Fermenter" by Brewha

    Have you noticed it has a lot of trub on use sides after a boil? Also any idea of what type of efficiency you're getting?
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    Where to install heating element into kettle?

    I'm gettting ready to install a 55k heating element into my 26 gal morebeer kettle. My question is, where should I install it. Assuming the ball valve is 12 o'clock. I was thinking putting it as low as possible and situated around 7 or 9 o'clock to avoid hitting the dip tube from the ball valve...
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    Plastic BPA in Speidel Braumeister

    So I've been talking with Speidel about the Braumeister to find out what materials might contact my beer. They have unfortunately stopped communicating with me. So I'm coming here. Does anyone know what material the pump impeller on the Braumeister is made of? I've been told "food grade"...
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    29"x29" MoreBeer BIAB Bag $5.50

    Just thought I would post for those considering this bag, I bought a couple hoping to use it on my 26 gallon heavy Duty Morebeer kettle for a 10 gallon batch. It fits perfectly in my 15 gallon morebeer kettle, but no way will it fit around the lip of my 26 gallon pot. Other than that, I haven't...
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    Hazy beer. Not chill haze. After 1 micron filter

    I am making a krystallweizen and it is hazy. I did an all grain batch with RO water and 5.2 buffer. I fly sparge and use an immersion chiller to chill from 212 to 80 in less than 15 minute. I used Irish moss in the last 15 minutes of boil. It was 60 wheat and 40 percent 2row only 2 uunces of...
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    Yet another Turkey Fryer flame issue

    Not sure exactly what equipment you have, but I'm betting you are making a very easy to make mistake (one that took me a trip to a propane seller to learn). All newer propane acme nuts (that screw onto the propane tank) have internal flow safety shut offs in them. When using larger burners...
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    Keg/Carboy Washer

    I was thing of building one of these and was thinking, after reading this forum, does it matter if the pipe is rated for the right heat? One would be post-rinsing these anyway and doing a simple sanitizer after PBW or oxyclean. Also I found this very cheap 1000gph pump for 25 bucks. Wy buy a...
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    More beer keg washer

    +1 bump
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    Can I upgrade typical march pump to HF?

    I also had my chance to use my new impeller last weekend (long break from brewing). And I must say the pressure difference is amazing and substantial. My brew day went a lot smoother. I could push liquid up higher and into pots that I was unable to even think of before. Although, i still ran...