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    Whirlpool port

    Thanks all
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    Whirlpool port

    I'm trying to figure out how and what type of whirlpool set up I am going to install and had a few questions. I see a lot of people that mount a whirlpool port pretty low in their keggle. I like the lower mount because I don't need as much tubing to get up to the top of my keggle and my...
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    Dad to be=brewing lots of beer now

    wow!!! sounds like you have it down. Thanks for the tips.
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    Dad to be=brewing lots of beer now

    with the idea that one bottle from each batch will be stowed away to be given as a present for when each of the kids reach 21. Good luck with the 21 years thing. Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement to continue to brew after the kiddo. I plan on not slowing down with the brewing...
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    Dad to be=brewing lots of beer now

    I've got a boy due in a month!!! I realize I'm going to have very little time to brew for awhile so I am brewing the last of 30 gallons this weekend. I figure 30 gallons will get me through the winter (hopefully). After I finish up this weekend I will still have one more keg to fill. The...
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    Swirling the Fruit In Secondary

    I've read up on adding fruit to the secondary and racking on top, but I haven't found any info on what to do after that. Should I swirl the beer occasionally like I would if I was dry hopping? It seems like all of the fruit puree has sunk to the bottom and its not going to come in contact with...
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    Critique My Process For Adding Raspberries

    Did anyone swirl the secondary with the fruit in there. Similar to dry hopping
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    Oregon Fruit Puree-hold back the syurp

    I guess some people don't use the syrup at all, just the fruit, feel free to chime in on this too.
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    Oregon Fruit Puree-hold back the syurp

    I'm planning on using some Oregon Fruit Raspberry Preserves for my raspberry wheat. I know a lot has been covered on this topic but I'm trying to add a new twist. Has anyone added just the fruit to the secondary while saving the syrup for the keg or bottling? I'm thinking that the fruit...
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    Boil kettle with false bottom, how to successfully drain

    I had the same problem and finally just went to a huge hop/grain sack....all problems are gone. I tried braided SS, I tried scrubbies and bazooka screens, they all cloged up with hop residue. Also, if your having trouble getting your wort to drain below the weldless, try pinching or crimping...
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    My centennials just stopped growing, why?

    they get plenty of water
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    My centennials just stopped growing, why?

    I've got 5 hop plants growing for the second year now. All of my hops are doing good except for the centennials. The centennials started out growing at the same pace as the others and then just completly slowed down at 4-5 feet. The centennials have the best sun too. They've only grown about...
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    Brew Sculpture ?

    how many gallons can you brew
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    My IPA has fermented for over a week now whats up?

    I made an IPA 2 sundays ago and it is still bubbling every minute out of the blow off tube. The OG was 1055. I think I fermented it a little high (72) at the start. Any idea what going on?