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    Hop Swap

    i just opened my zues and tried to get a smell, not much but then the other hops i tried didn't have much either but then my nose is stuffed up today and the hops are cold. any tips on what hops zues makes a good substitution for, hopefully galeana and magnum, i'm short on then and have alot of...
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    hop substitutions

    Last year i purchased enough hops to last through this years harvest, my hops produced more than expected, 1 year plants put i jump started them in a greenhouse. I have several questions about using hops from non established bines, and what makes good substitutions as i have several varieties...
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    Gusher Infection or Something Else?

    last batch of beer i kegged had a high finishing gravity (or so i thought) It produced gas in the kegs, i kept them bleed down so the co2 would not get to high for the yeast but i tried one keg yesterday, the beer is cloudy, and somewhat sour almost a vinegar taste but oxygen was kept away from...
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    patching pin hole in keg

    thses kegs are chalanger 10 gallon the seats on the kegs have a narrower top, the rubbers on the dip tubes have a seat that extends down the inside and outside of the seat, northernbrewer indicates that the rubber seals i have been using from mcmasters will work on all kegs but just incase they...
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    patching pin hole in keg

    thats a good price on kegs but i imagine the shipping to oregon would be close to $60 so that would make 8 5 gallon kegs 0ver $330 besides these were 10 gallon kegs and used they tend to go for more than twice what a 5 gallon does or atleast they do here.
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    patching pin hole in keg

    yes i won the ebay auction in oregon. really was only looking to buy 4 5 gallon kegs but these were a good deal got them cheaper per gallon than i usually get 5 gallon kegs and 10 gallons are rare and usually go for way more.
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    patching pin hole in keg

    i got 4 10 gallon kegs for $256 that makes the faulty one about $40, after welding it will still need dip tubes and posts
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    patching pin hole in keg

    my nieghbor is going to tig weld the keg with argon gas inside the keg to that it get a smoth weld on the inside. I won't repeat what he said about jb weld or this post would get deleted. lol (and all he wants is a few home brews)
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    patching pin hole in keg

    other than the two pin holes at the base of the gas in fitting the kegs are in great shape, my nieghbor teaches welding the the local comunity colledge, i think i will ask him about them. i got them for a great price as long as the leaky one is fixable and want to get some beer brewed up before...
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    patching pin hole in keg

    i bid on 4 10 gallon chalanger kegs on ebay, they were local so i went to look at them, one had on posts or dip tubes but they all looked great, the ebay auction said all the one needed was posts and dip tubes but it has two small pin holes that leak co2 probably why the seller didint want me...
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    10 (gallon) cornie kegs

    i have an oppertunity to buy some 10 gallon corny kegs however 1 lacks dip tubs, having never delt with 10 gallon kegs i have some questions, the out tubes seem to be identical to the 5 gallon, but the in(co2) is longer, i have extra co2 tubes for the 5 gallon kegs, does anyone know if the...
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    milk thistle seed in beer

    i drink herbal teas and decided to start drinking milk thistle tea before drinking a beer because it helps prevent liver damage. Since milk thistle grows wild on my farm i hope to harvest my own but after doing research i found that the chemical that is desired is not water soluable and that...
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    keg handle coming un glued

    thanks for the info i will look for some locktite
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    keg handle coming un glued

    the rubber/plastic handle on one of my corny kegs is coming unglued, does anyone know of a good glue that will reconnect it to the metal keg without making it brittle or melting it.
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    The hop shortage

    I live in oregon, corn for ethanol does not grow well here as it needs to dry in the fields before harvest and we get wet falls so ;hops are not losing growing space to corn however because of the growing acres of corn other crops are going up and some of those crops will grow in oregon, and...