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    Am I out of CO2?

    Thanks guys...gauge is broken and I'm getting a refill. Seems like a no brainer to check it. Valves and such....HA! Kinda mad at myself for not even trying that first (facepalm).:D
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    Am I out of CO2?

    Thanks Daryk77! I did not know that either. I will do that first, as it is a bit of travel to refill it.
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    Am I out of CO2?

    I think I am even though my gauge says I am half full. When I set the pressure to 25 psi (force carbing) and turn on the valve, it only goes up to 10 psi and I no longer hear any gas flowing. I think my gauge is broken. I shut it all down and reset everything, and I cannot even get it to set...
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    Most hotly debated techniques?

    Just one beer, or have another. My sig tells it all....
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    Mixing beers = pleasant results. Anyone else?

    I'm just getting home with a six pack of IPA that is warm (Trader beer cooler). I bought it to try for tomorrow night (Friday), and got to thinking: "Damn...I want to have one now, but do not want to wait for 30 mins in the freezer", so I see that I have some 24 oz cans of Bud Light...
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    Conical question

    I am thinking of getting a stainless conical, and was wondering if something would work. If I use a 12 gallon fermenter and only put 5 gallons in it, is it okay? Also....the same question but with a different scenario: I currently brew 5 gallon batches, but have a 15 gal kettle. I was...
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    44 Awesome Pictures

    I told myself......... I wasn't going to cry:drunk:
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    Pushing My Luck?

    I use iodophor, so I might be a bit off here, but I clean and store them and just use a solution of iodophor and water to swish around everything about 10 - 15 minutes before I put any post boil beer into it. I rub the solution all over the counter top and anything that can even possibly touch...
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    Brew In A Bag (BIAB) Equipment Summary

    Just checking....Do you put your wort into the cube, let cool and pitch later? How long is it to cool to pitching temp? Thanks!
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    How long to brew a winner beer?

    I guess I've had to prove my good ones by doing them about 4 times and seeing if they are the same. Now I've got two recipes after about 3 years of semi regular brewing that I feel I've got nailed down. There were some one-offs early on that were good, but I focused on my standby recipes and...
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    I got them from my local is Homebrew Heaven in Everett. They have a website: and are great folks to deal with.
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    Pump has sold. Thanks
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    Waiting to hear from Humann. Longarm, where are you at up here? Are interested in just the pump, or all of it? Roger
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    only the pump, stands and coolers for sale:D
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    Jon = 1st dibs Human = 2nd sending quote and pic to your mail Jon. Will post pic of other stuff soon....:rockin: