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    Horrible f¥€king day!!

    Before I had faucets installed, my wife once closed the lid on a picnic tap that drained most of a Pale Ale fairly quickly. That would be my first guess (that the tap was pressed, not that my wife did it). Sorry to hear it.
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    Mango Habenero IPA - I left the peppers in too long

    I've only used jalapeño but it faded very much like hops do. Mine started out super spicy. I had it on tap and would blend it with the same non-peppered beer (about 50/50). In a couple weeks, it lost half it's spiciness and tasted as if I had already blended it. It kept mellowing from there...
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    Stir bar getting thrown

    I found adjusting the distance between the plate and the flask solved this. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Connecting Collar to Freezer Lid Conditions

    I've found that liquid glue works at 40 degrees and up so ill leave it unplugged overnight then plug it in at 40 and not touch the collar for a week but otherwise enjoying its contents.
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    Connecting Collar to Freezer Lid Conditions

    Alright, I am about to use liquid nails to attach the collar to the freezer lid. It seems like liquid nails takes a week to fully dry so here's my question: Is it possible for me to set up the kegerator and fire it up (or, in this case, cool it down) and keep some heavy objects on it for a week...
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    No Trub. Puzzled. Anyone else ever witnessed this

    Did you have a hot break when it came to boil? Was it a rolling boil? I've had more and less grub but never no trub (and that recipe sounds like one that could leave extra rather than less).
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    Midwest Supplies Keg Kit

    I bought their three keg system kit (ball-reconditioned). If you happen to live nearby, they give a 10% discount to Minnesota Public Radio members and I think a discount to AHA. I did have an issue with them when I went to add a second regulator, the guy didn't tell me all I needed so I got...
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    Anyone no Matthew Vassar's ale recipe?

    That's an insane recipe! How did you carb it? Like an English mild or more like a regular beer?
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    Anyone no Matthew Vassar's ale recipe?

    That's great and please keep me posted with anything that is published!
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    Anyone no Matthew Vassar's ale recipe?

    Very cool. How did you come across this book?
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    Bison Brewing Company Honey Basil Ale Clone

    I'm going to brew this soon. We tried this at a brewfest in Portland last summer and it was the beer that stood out the most as being both unique and great (although there were many that were one or the other). Bison's description says that they use Munich (although it's listed after the...
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    Kids and brewing

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned giving the kids wort! They absolutely love it and always ask for it when they see I'm setting up the brew equipment. (although my oldest was sure she'd like wort after I added the hops and did an awesome and immediate spit-take) Their favorite wort is a wit...
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    Brew Pal software in the iTunes App Store

    Thanks for the heads up. I just exported the recipes in case there was a "hiccup". I'd hate to lose all of that info since I've been using BrewPal for every batch. Can't wait for the next version!
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    2-Row in Saison?

    I actually made a 2-row/Saaz Saison SMaSH that I expected to be "interesting" (but wanted to brew without going back to the LHBS) and it ended up being really good. It was dry (as you'd expect) but worked well and was great on a hot summer day.
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    My Plan: Keg first, bottle second... suggestions?

    Why not put in enough co2 to bleed out the o2 and also seal the keg up? Then you don't have to worry about it leaking or the oxygen.