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    Stunt Comedy

    so who doesn't enjoy gettin a kick out of these guys like Johnny Knox being as dumb as they can get on jackass or scarred? These are the best kind of movies if you want a good laugh and one of my buddies actually showed us this new dvd called "Dick: the devil dared me to" which is about this...
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    New Toby Keith Movie

    Hi everybody, Anyone else excited for Toby Keith's new movie Beer For My Horses (in theaters 8/8)? It's also starring Ted Nugent and Rodney Carrington and (as I'm sure most of you already figured out) is named after Toby and Willie Nelson's song "Beer For My Horses". The movie looks like its...
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    WTF is Up w/ Farve?

    Yea, Favre really needs to learn how to make a decision and stick with it. He really isn't handling the situation very well at all. I especially don't like the fact that he is trying to get released after having such a great career with the Packers....and I'm even a Favre fan or a Packers fan.
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    7 breweries in 10 days!

    oh wow u got all that on a FAMILY vacation? lucky man, sounded nice.
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    A label idea for an upcoming beer

    haha im tryin to read the band-aids after what you said ^^.