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    Dry vs. Liquid

    Ok. so the consensus is that DME is better than LME. Is there ever a better reason to use LME instead of DME though?
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    Ale fermentation temperature ~57

    nottingham seems like a good ale yeast at this temperature according to austin homebrew supply. would nottingham make for a good stout, brown ale, or esp?
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    Dry vs. Liquid

    Is there a difference between liquid malt extract and dry malt extract. Is it better to use one or the other, or in combination?
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    Ale fermentation temperature ~57

    Any other techniques that might be available to me? Electric blanket is viable how ever, i like my electric blanket for use in my bed becuase because it is so damn cold.
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    Ale fermentation temperature ~57

    My basement, which is by far the best place to brew my beer, will be around 57F. IS that too low of a temp to brew an ale at? My room mates and i are too cheap to turn the heat on very much and our house is old ,so it doesn't hold much heat anyways. Any ideas on how i could keep my fermenter...
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    Any great stout or brown ale recipes or kits?

    Is anyone aware of any really really good recipes for a nice stout or brown ale? Or maybe even an esb? Those are three types i am seriously considering for my next batch. oh and i will be brewing from extract.
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    Alcohol Booster Addititves

    Is anyone knowledgeable about the the additives to boost the alcohol content by 1%. I enjoy my beers stronger, but i would rather not sacrifice flavor for extra alcohol. Along with that, does it really boost by 1%? Thanks :cross:
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    Satellite Hydrometer readings

    Well, a satellite fermenter is when you take a sample and take a hydrometer reading then Pour the sample into an old beer bottle, place a paper towel in the neck & locate it next to your fermenter. This is called a satellite fermenter. It is used to take hydrometer readings without opening the...
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    Satellite Hydrometer readings

    I am using a satellite fermenter to take hydrometer readings. If kept in the same area as my secondary fermenter, will it provide accurate readings? thanks, rob :tank:
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    Change in fermentation over short period

    hey thanks for the advice. also, how often should i take hydrometer readings so i do not over expose my beer to contamination.
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    Change in fermentation over short period

    I have another newb question. My batch was fermenting vigorously after the first 12 hours, about 2 bubbles/second, but after about 36 hours, fermentation has slowed to bubbling every 30 seconds. I may be over analyzing, but this is my first batch and i want to get it right! btw...
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    Cooling fermenter

    Whats the simplest way to cool a fermenter?
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    Fruity smell from red ale fermentation

    I am brewing a red ale at about 72 F. It started fermenting this morning and now I smell bananas when I am inspecting the fermenter. I have read that this is due to the production of esters. Is this going to ruin or change my final product or is there nothing to worry about. :mug: