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    Switched to BevSeal Ultra tubing; weird pours. ??

    I switched my 2-tap system over to BevSeal Ultra a couple months ago. At first they were both pouring perfectly. I recently moved a few things around in there and one of my taps is behaving identical to yours. I am attributing it to a temp differential as it is the line closest to the keezer...
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    Replacing Lines. What Type??

    +1 for bevseal ultra. I just switched over after using PVC for 10 years. Noticed an immediate improvement in flavor. Using 20’ lines for each tap and the pour is nice. Got them from Bobby brewhardware with the John Guest fittings which I think are a must. Used zip ties to keep them coiled...
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    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy Round 40!

    Any word on when Round 41 is gonna get rollin? Thanks for all your hard work, Jeff and Brett!
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    Heatstick...no leaks, no glue, repairable - DONE!!

    Alright, I started school and had no time to mess with this for a couple months. I finally got it, what I did was sand the thickness of the gasket down slightly on a piece of sandpaper. Still goes on tight but much easier. Also I mounted the ground wire to the pipe by drilling a small hole...
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    Heatstick...no leaks, no glue, repairable - DONE!!

    So what you mean is that you put the gasket partially inside before trying to start the nut? The gasket becomes kind of oblong for me by the terminal block pushing two ends of it out. Sorry for all the questions, but I am excited to figure this out and get it done and also frustrated at myself...
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    Heatstick...no leaks, no glue, repairable - DONE!!

    Does the gasket go inside the waste pipe or outside and against it? And do you use the nut that came with the pipe or the one that came with the washer? I have been trying this all day with no success....
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    Heatstick...no leaks, no glue, repairable - DONE!!

    Alright, I've followed your design exactly, its all wired up. I cannot for the life of me get the nut on! Any advice from someone who has struggled with this?
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    Heatstick...no leaks, no glue, repairable - DONE!!

    I am also extremely interested in this part. My heatstick crapped out on me after about 4 years, and I am wondering what design improvements have come about since I last built mine.
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    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy... ROUND 34!

    1xCM‐2ROW 1xBZ‐PILS
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    Adding candy sugar.. too late ?

    The effects on flavor should be no different than adding it in the boil.
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    Re-yeasting with liquid brett...amount?

    Brux conditioned with Brett B, it says so on the bottle. I was more curious as a general inquiry about reyeasting with liquid brett vs. rehydrated dry yeast. I may end up using Brett Trois, so I was more interested in the amount than the actual yeast in question.
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    Re-yeasting with liquid brett...amount?

    OK, so maybe about a teaspoon of thick slurry, added to the botom of the bottling bucket?
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    Re-yeasting with liquid brett...amount?

    I am about to bottle a flanders red coming up on a year of aging. I would like to re-yeast with some very active liquid slurry that I cultured up from a bottle of Sierra Nevada/Russian River brux. I am assuming that it is some mixture of a belgian ale strain and brett b. About how much...