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    MW 102 calibration error

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    MW 102 calibration error

    I have bought a new probe recently. I have new 7.01 calibration liquid I get this reading Everly time I try to calibrate now. Any help here is appreciated. Thanks
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    Wl 500

    Haven't used WL 500 for a while. The yeast seemed a bit dark to me when I made a starter. Can anyone chime in on WL 500 being darker in color vs something like WL 001? Thanks
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    Dry hopping in keg cold

    Thanks for everybody's input. I should've stated that my question is effect of dry hopping in cold beer. I have an iPa I kegged 2 weeks ago that could use some more aroma but have never dry hopped a cold beer. Thanks again to all!
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    Dry hopping in keg cold

    Looking for any input on adding hops to the keg after chilling. What does everybody think? Thanks
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    How many freezers do you have?

    3 freezer and 2 full fridge. 1 freezer for food 2 freezer for beer. 1 fridge for food 1 fridge for beer. Hoping to get 1 more freezer for beer. Cheers!
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    Brasserie cantillion

    If you want some you should look up Belgium in a box.
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    Water report

    It's only about 2 months old.
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    Water report

    Thanks for help! Much appreciated.
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    Water report

    Here is my water report. PH is 8.9 and sounds high to me. Cations/Anions are reported as 4.2/3.9. When I put the info into Brun Water it shows 4.2/1.7
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    Water report

    I got a water report from ward labs. Cations/Anions are 4.2/3.9. When I put the water info in Brun Water it gives me Cations/Anions 4.2/2.5. Any thoughts out there why this might happen?
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    Bottling mistake

    As long as it got mixed well it should be the same result as if you racked the beer on top of it.
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    What are you drinking now?

    Good stuff!