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    Cincy Ohio brewers?

    Anyone in the area?
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    Dogfish Head 120 IPA: Holy $#!T!!!

    This beer sounds sweet! I have had/enjoyed a couple of their brews in the past, but I always love trying new high octane brews. I happened to look at the distributer page on the link you provided, and long behold, the only Ohio dist. they provided is about 3 miles from my house! I will be paying...
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    Celis White

    Where can I find Celis White? I live in Cincy, and I can't find it anywhere. :confused:
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    Blue Moon like beers

    I am looking for a white ale that I remember someone ranting and raving about. They said it was their favorite brew ever. Anyone?
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    Never had a good Asian beer

    I have tried the Yinpu Black Rice beer mentioned in the link and it is excellent ;) !
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    sg readings?

    Can you take sg readings after you have bottled and the beer has carbonated?
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    Looking for a Stone's Russian Imperial stout

    I am looking for a Stone's Russian Imperial stout clone recipe. Anyone have an idea how to find one?
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    Having trouble with my new corny

    Pressure is up to 12, a couple days later, a quick snap of the tap handle, and all is well. A perfect glass of homebrew! Thanx Janx! Haha. I'm a poet and did't kno.......ah, that's pretty lame.ROFL!
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    cidery flavors

    What kind of beer was it?
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    Having trouble with my new corny

    I just recently kegged my first batch of beer (Oatmeal stout), and I'm having trouble getting it to pour right. I have already carbonated it, and every time I pour a beer, I get about an inch and a half of head. I have the pressure set to 10 lbs., I usually have it set at about 12 lbs. for my...
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    Never had a good Asian beer

    I found it! It's not Japanese, It's Chinese. It's called Yinpu Black Rice Beer, and it is some good stuff. If you want to try a drinkable asian beer, I would highly recommend trying this stuff.
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    Never had a good Asian beer

    I picked up a six pack of some japanese beer that was killer about six months ago. I can't remember the name of it, but I remember that the label said it was black rice beer. Next time I go the the beer store I'll see if I can't find the name of it. I've tried lots of different japanese beers...
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    What's your ride?

    Here's my heep. I just ordered some rockers from AtoZ and should have them on here in a week or 2. Jeeping and brewing, getting a little pricey........Oh well.
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    Best Beer Bars in America

    Are you sure it's not Hogs-n-Honeys? There is a bar in Gatlinberg TN that has the babes dance on the bar and cuss at you. They also make you get on your knees to give you a dance for a shot! Ahhhh!
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    Getting my keg ready to ..........keg?

    A little late cause I already tried my own method, but thanks for the advise. ;) How do I perform a proper pressure test? I filled the keg with water, put abpout 20Lbs. of water in it and turned it upside down and nothing came out, is this sufficiant? Probably not. I recognize your user name...