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    Most overrated beer

    When were you in Stuttgart? I was in the Navy and attached to USEuCom at Patch Barracks for 6 months in late 1975. (God that was a LONG time ago!) Hated to leave Germany after only 6 months.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewed a helles today. First helles I've brewed. Looked good going into the fermenter. OG=1.048
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    Favorite Pilsner?

    I like Mecca Grade Pelton and (echoing PassedPawn's recommendation) Weyermann Barke Pils.
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    What book is on your nightstand? Readers!

    The movie version with Harrison Ford was so-so. It left out many things from the book. Justin Theroux is the nephew of Paul Theroux.
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    What book is on your nightstand? Readers!

    The book is so much better than the TV series.
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    Need New Grain Mill

    I have been looking for a better mill to replace my generic, knock-off brand mill. I had decided on the Monster mIll 2 roller when, Lo! and behold, I found a coupon code for 20% all store items at a large supply store. So, I ended up with a MM3 for less than the cost of the MM2 (before discount)...
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    Random Drunken Thoughts Thread

    Someone at a local university had been studying that apartment/comdo complex for several years (>10). He has reported that the building has been sinking for a time. Not much, something like 2mm a year. Now add that up over 20-30 years. Florida is also well-known for sinkholes. Maybe the ground...
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    NHC - impatiently waiting Score Sheets

    Well, here is the feedback I got. So, tell, me----What was good and what was bad about my beer? So much for detailed feedback.
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    Looking for grassy-herbal hops

    I have an international pale lager in the fermenter that I used Kazbek hops late in the boil. Spicey Saaz flavor with a subtle lemon-lime taste. Not sure if that is something you might be looking for but I think it adds a nice touch to the typical noble hop flavor.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Not the weekend, but I'm retired so..... Brewing 3 gallons of an international pale lager today to try out fermenting in a keg and closed transfer. 87.5% Weyermann Barke Pils 12.5% flaked rice Magnum at 60 minutes (13.6 IBU) Kasbek at 5 minutes (5.5 IBU) Diamond lager yeast
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    Stupid Joke Thread!

    Good comeback. I miss Python
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    Stupid Joke Thread!

    I want to be the guy that hauls around the cart yelling "Bring out your dead." Too soon?
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    Schwarzbier - Examples in the Midwest

    My step-son lives I'm Chicago and told me about Dovetail. I had a Dunkel from them tonight. Their Czech Dark is great also. Good stuff. Highly recommend their lagers.
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    Trappist breweries in Europe that offer tours? Looking for recommendations

    Wow! I just looked. It was May 2015. It doesn't seem that long ago. I still have fond memories of the monasteries and (of course) the beer.