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I am a renaissance man. Yes, there are many things I like and many things I have knowledge of. I owe a lot of my knowledge to my experiences, talking with people, and books.

Books are a passion of mine, however, I lean more toward the non-fiction section. I learn more from non-fiction books than fiction books. My favorite subjects to read on are business, personal finance, investing in stock market, computers (hardware and software), exercise and nutrition, auto/biography's and history's. Other subjects I enjoy- and one day I will master- chemistry and physic's. I really believe in the power of education, both formal and informal through books and experience. Knowledge is empowering to those that posses it; this statement has more meaning to me now than ever before.

I am usually an active person. I like to play tennis and soccer. I lift weights and run. I am hoping to do my first triathlon this year but that takes rigorous training that I don't have time for right now.