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    Texas fridge with 2 taps and 2 kegs

    Hello all, we are moving to Austin and I don't have room for my beer fridge. It is a fridge, with two corny kegs, two taps in the door of the fridge, a co2 tank and all the hoses and regulator. I live in Arlington TX, and will sell it all for $50. I attached the picture of the fridge below...
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    Today is National IPA Day!

    Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye.
  3. redraider629

    Stupid debt riddled neighbors...

    This is what we did, with our insurance we ended up paying a little less than $100. Can't do that in the hospital. Plus we were sent home the same day. We are doing this with child number 2.
  4. redraider629

    Hops Air Freshener

    I don't have an answer, but if you find out a hop let us know. I would love to try that.
  5. redraider629

    Texas Tech Red Raiders getting crapped on...again

    Why should he keep all of Leach's staff? No good coach wants to come in without bringing their own guys, see tennessee. Maybe with Willis we can finally get rid of the "Red Carpet Defense".
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    College Football Talk

    Wreck 'em Tech!! Can't wait for the Alamo bowl, and next year.
  7. redraider629

    BMC Flowchart

    that is what I was stuck with.
  8. redraider629

    BMC Flowchart

    Not to mention that wearing girl jeans alone makes one lame. I could care less if they were ordering Stone, they would still be idiots.
  9. redraider629

    another baby thread

    Thanks, If Ware is not playing I am not looking forward to this weekend, I will still watch but not holding out much hope. I actually thought about Troy or Emmitt with our first son, but SWMBO did not like that idea. I am also a Tech fan so Martellus is out of the question :D
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    This Humann made another human

    congrats, this is a fun time.
  11. redraider629

    another baby thread

    SWMBO and I just found out we are having another boy. This is our second. He is measuring a little big, both my son and I are tall so that is to be expected. Now we just need to settle on a name. A couple we were thinking about is Landon or Logan.
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    Family vacations in the US with toddlers

    I took my son to NYC when he was young. He had a blast, he loved the lights in times square, and all the people. We went to alot of childrens musuems, and parks. The hotel cost us $109 a night, which for New York is not bad at all. We are going to Orlando, Disney, this Summer.
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    top 10 best and worst city water in the US

    Hell yeah Arlington is number 1.
  14. redraider629

    ELF best christmas movie.....ever?

    I can't believe nobody mentioned Ernest Saves Christmas. That cinema classic should have won some awards.