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    Anyone ever use beer calculus?

    You can try Some kinda beer caculus...
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    So just how high is your efficiency?

    I didn't touch anything, so mine is factory setting which I think is 0.039
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    So just how high is your efficiency?

    I get about 70% with the Barley Crusher :(. I guess I'll have to stir when I add the sparge water. I'll try this next time, I'm sure I can get at least 75%.
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    Yeast starter - Airlock or foil?

    I use a half gallon growler with airlock... The best :)
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    I have wrong readings after the boil, when the beer have a lot of hop particules (pellets), so it's only useful for monitoring the mash runoff and measuring the pre-boil gravity. Otherwise, you have to use your old school hydrometer. Any formulas I found to correct the alcohol reading for yhe...
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    best place for supplies: Canada

    Yep, I've just ordered some stuff from I really recommend. Good price, many sort of ingredients and equipments and the web site is nice.
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    Outside brewing

    I live in Montreal, so winter here is very rude as well. How long does it take you to bring to full boil at -17C? How much LP? Can you get refill of LP easily in winter?
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    racking cane sterilization

    My autosiphon is 23 inch long and the wallpaper tray I got is 22 inch long :( Is your stuff fits in your wallpaper tray?
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    barley crusher or ? what mill should i buy...

    Someone had ordered from this web site :
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    Grain storage containers??

    I keep my leftover DME and grain in Mason jar. Is the light a concern? Do I have to keep them in a dark place?
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    Local Home Brew Shop Prices

    That's because you are in USA. I'm in Canada and there's nothing online for homebrew. I tried to order just a pound of PBW from Austinhomebrew and you guys it costs you 8$ flat rate (even for your entire order), but to Canada it's about 40$ just for PBW!! Plus the stupid duty fees, taxes...
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    Haze, but not chill haze

    Ok, so I'm not doing anything wrong. That's what I was wondering. I'll rack to secondary next week so I'll try to put some gelatin in the carboy.
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    Haze, but not chill haze

    Ok thanks, I'll try some fining next time.
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    Haze, but not chill haze

    First one was dark ale : Coopers Dark Ale can, pale extract malt, Crystal 40 and Cascade hop. Second IPA(pics) : Coopers like can, pale extract malt, Crystal 120, Amarillo, boil + dry hop.
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    Haze, but not chill haze

    Hi there. I have an issue with my last 2 batch : Hazy beer. In books they say this can be an infection. And it's not chill haze, because the beer is hazy event at room temperature. I tried to leave them in the fridge for 3 weeks and that didn't change anything. When I used Coppers can with...