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    DIY Interwoven "Rib-Cage" Immersion Chiller

    Whats amazing to me is that after 9 1/2 years, this thread still seemingly stays at the top of this particular sub forum. The incredible part is seeing what my initial idea has sparked in the community. There are numerous iterations of my original design, some complex, some simple, but all of...
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    Is My Kegerator Dead?

    Have you taken that back panel off where the frost ball keeps forming? That's where I'd start.
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    DIY Interwoven "Rib-Cage" Immersion Chiller

    Well, it's been 7 years since I brewed beer so I thought it was about time to come out of retirement. After having given away a few things to friends I had no more wort chiller. So I had to build another one. The copper tubing and everything has been sitting untouched for about 4 years, waiting...
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    Indiana Selling my brewing equipment

    Just wanted to say, great rendition of the rib cage chiller!
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    Framboise "clone" recipe

    Just kegged it 9 days ago. Yes it is the batch I made wayyyyy back when I posted this, NO there was no yeast death. This sat on the cake for over 4 years. It was incredible. I will be making this again.
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    Rib-cage vs small coil in a large coil

    I'm interested to see what you are building. I've got an idea that I think is the next innovation in chillers but I would really like to see what you've got brewing. Post pictures and chill times with inlet water temp.
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    Home Built Grain Mill - From Scratch

    I should probably PM you this... but... I've been looking into doing what you just did for certain reasons. I've noticed that there is a deficiency with current grain mill design for home brewers which you've certainly rectified whether intentionally or not. So, I just want to ask you, what...
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    Share your "man-crush" thread?

    Bradley Cooper. But then again, I kinda look like him, and I have the same first name....
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    Quick immersion chiller question

    It's cost difference, theres $16 difference in the price of copper locally for me between 5/8 and 1/2" and $16 between 3/8 and 1/2" as well. Good luck man!
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    Quick immersion chiller question

    Thanks for the vote of appreciation for my design! I've been toying with doing the dual pass version, I might have to try it this week when I build a few. :mug:
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    I have a beer that has been on the yeast for about 4 years. I brewed it, my gf left me and I was in a bad place in life for a long time. The carboys have just been sitting there for years, i wonder if that beer is any good anymore... Any opinions?
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    New mill - one man operation?

    Would you be willing to part with the barley crusher? PM me a price if you are willing to sell it.
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    Brew & A: Pat "azscoob" Barch

    Love that Immersion Chiller you're using! *wink wink*
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    DIY Interwoven "Rib-Cage" Immersion Chiller

    You have 565in^2 of chilling area (give or take of course, depending on how tall your verticals are.) I have noticed that 60' lengths are common these days whereas 5 years ago when I was doing this, it wasn't. It's a lot easier to cram 10 more feet into the brewpot than it is to step up to the...
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    DIY Interwoven "Rib-Cage" Immersion Chiller

    If I had the money, I'd try to build a 5/8" chiller, but I don't think you can bend it around a small enough radius for it to fit in a 60qt pot, so I think that I am going to build myself another chiller, but this time I've had an epiphany that may very well be the next step in the evolution of...