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    BeerSmith vs brewers friend FG way off

    Check the attenuation of the yeast that will change gravity readings
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    I’m getting a whiskey barrel....need style ideas

    A porter it is, there is no way I want to pay for a 53 gallon imperial stout to fill this barrel, I can handle a porter.
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    I’m getting a whiskey barrel....need style ideas

    So a friend of mine is acquiring a 53 gallon whiskey barrel. They don’t brew but want me to brew a porter for it. I’m not sold on a porter, anyone got any other suggestions. Being that I brew 10 gallons at a time in recruiting all my local brew friends to “fill the barrel”
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    Breweries to visit in NY state?

    Rooster fish in Watkins glen, and climbing bines in penn yan are great little places to stop and take in the finger lakes region....and plenty wineries along the routes too
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    Most annoying response when you tell someone you're a homebrewer?

    I had some one ask if I had any beer they could have for a friend...I said I was out but was brewing on Thursday....he responded oh great can i get some of it on Friday then
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    Starting gravity of a Russian Imperial Stout?

    My RIS OG is usually 1.120 and ferments to 1.038 for about 12.5% abv
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    Mint beer

    I've used peppermint essential oil in a stout before to rave success 5 drops in a keg was perfect
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    Big Brew Day 2017

    I'll be at Chicago beer classic on soldier field drinking beer but not brewing...which bums me out
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    Ideas for summer drinking

    I always brew a mango cream ale, some times i add a couple chili peppers for a small kick of heat with the mango flavor sometimes I don't
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    What got everyone into Homebrewing initially?

    My wife got me a Midwest starter kit from groupon for half off as my first Father's Day I say my daughter got me into brewing! Funny story is at the time I was just starting to get into beer at the age of 29. I never drank while in high school or college. Now I'm full on beer...
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    Non alcoholic beer

    So the ginger blonde came out perfect, my friend tried it and loved everything about it! And she did not get drunk from 2 full bottles so I will call it a success
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    Official Broken Carboy Count.

    52 broke my grandfathers 40 yrs old carboy the other night that baby has had so many alcoholic beverages fermented in it he
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    Non alcoholic beer

    I ended up brewing a simple blonde ale for a co worker and I'm going to take a gallon of it after it's fermented out and attempt to "boil" off the alcohol and add some ginger root as it's cooling
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    Non alcoholic beer

    I will have to look that up...I dont really want to brew it it just seems silly to me and if it comes out terrible I've lost a gallon of decent beer for no good reason if I do it I'll post about it