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    Skeeter Pee

    Hi all, I've been more-or-less following the standard recipe for this on the website but with actual squeezed lemons, not bottled "Realemon" (which isn't a thing in this country afaik). The fermentation went very well but it has been clearing for around a month now and it's a long way from...
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    Skeeter Pee

    Thanks, buddy. That makes my life easier!
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    Why are red wine kits disappointing?

    I've tried some pretty foul wine kits. They are usually really pale and sour. I've found Beaverdale kits (not sure if they are available in the US) to be the best I have tried and they aren't too expensive. A good rule of thumb is to assume that a 30-bottle kit is really only a 25-26 bottle...
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    Skeeter Pee

    I've just ripped the zest from a dozen lemons to make a batch of limoncello and figured I'd have a go at a gallon of skeeter pee with all the juice in the newly bald fruit. There are a couple of problems though (apols if questions have been asked already - 1700+ posts is a lot to check through)...
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    Coke cola wine

    Shame we never heard any more about this - my macabre curiosity is piqued. Is there an additive that could reduce the acidity a jot?
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    First Mead Have questions!

    I had a phantom fermentation in one batch. It started at 1.080 and I left it for two weeks in a fairly warm place and there wasn't a bubble, not even any noticeable pressure difference i the airlock. I opened it up to repitch to start it going and thought I'd take the gravity while I was doing...
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    I got a degassing wand for christmas wand so the next batch is going to get royally whoooshed during primary. Wheeeee!
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    hi, newbie from NZ

    I think that the FAQ answer to nutrient pitching is along the lines of: 50% when pitching yeast 30% 24 hours later 20% once the gravity is half way between start and target (so about 1.040 for you) I use Tronzymol as well and I'm extremely unscientific about it. I pick a quantity between...
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    What to do with failures?

    I didn't know Middle Farm did mead. I thought that they were mostly ciders. Now you told me not to get them I might have to ;) (I don't mind sweet too much). I've been a bit gung-ho with my yeast up to now. I didn't even write down what yeast I was using (I didn't realise that there were...
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    New to HB 1st batch

    Has it been bubbling through the airlock? If my internal calculator is correct that would have started around 1.080 so I daresay fermentation is going on but to only drop to 1.074 in ten days is fairly slow in my limited experience. This is probably due to the lack of nutrients. If you...
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    What to do with failures?

    I'm not really talking about a specific batch as much as a hypothetical one. I do have a couple of rank bottles but I'm not familiar enough with the different tastes to determine which sort of horrible it is. I suspect it's because I bottled it far too early. There's gunk in the bottom of the...
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    Mead still tastes bad.

    Does bulk aging (by this I assume you mean aging in a barrel or semijon/carboy) produce different results to aging in the bottle? I've bottled immediately after clearing but don't intend to open them for six months.
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    What to do with failures?

    I gave a bottle of my first dreadful effort to a gang of revellers on a mission to get wasted. One of them was kind enough to say it tasted "interesting". By far the best compliment it received.
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    What to do with failures?

    The couple of recent "my mead tastes bad" threads has made me think about what to do with mead projects that end up being disgusting. While this forum is generally postive about the outlook for most batches, there will inevitably be some failures but I figure that tasting revolting shouldn't...
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    Mead some help...

    You can get away with an educated guess instead of a hydrometer (i.e. it hasn't bubbled for a while and tastes kinda alcoholic - assume it's finished) but you're running the risk that your bottles will explode. I recommend using something transparent as you wait for it to clear because it...