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    Bayou Classic KAB4- differences in models.

    I realized I never followed up with this thread after finishing my stand. It's been working great for the last year and I have probably a half dozen brews on it. I also cut the "New" burner to sit in the shield like the "Old" burner. The reason for me was to get the burner tip to kettle base...
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    Bayou-Classic-BG14 (Burner) and heat shield help please!

    My method was to use the KAB4 cooker. (Has that burner in the assembly). It had everything I needed. I could use it stand alone, until I cut them to mount to my brewstand. And I kept the shields in place. Understand they made a design change between my separate purchases. See my link below. If...
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    convoluted vs straight heat exchanger

    I was thinking that my 25' straight can chill on 1 pass if I set it up right. (cold northern NY water). so I don't think it would matter on the homebrew scale. The benefit wouldn't be that effective at our efficiency.
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    My Weldless Build Using Strut

    Return it to Lowes's or HD
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    Gravity-fed stand design

    20gal's is not "several gallons" I do 15 gal batches and it's been a God send to have the pumps. There are a couple avenues I would suggest. On the Strictly gravity feed system... you will run into a few considerations. You will need to monitor your sparge/lauter more carefully. Your...
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    Mouse in a carboy

    I think the worst part of this thread.... Is that the forum showed me 5 "more like this" threads with mouse in carboy.....
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    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Russian Imperial Stout - All-Grain Recipe Kit ....Please.
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    Brew It! - Yooper's Oatmeal Stout

    Oh yeah... Thanks much to Yooper for sharing!
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    Brew It! - Yooper's Oatmeal Stout

    I am brewing this Sunday. I brew it every year as one of my Xmas Beers that I give away each year. My family absolutely loves it.
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    Organization Tips For Homebrewers

    I use plastic liquid malt containers from the Extract kits to store specialty grains. They keep it fresh and small enough for the right amounts.
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    Using dishwasher to drain sanitized bottles?

    That's how I do it.
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    Trouble connecting quick disconnects to posts

    +1 on starsan spray
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    Top Five Brew Setups!

    Wow... glad to be part of this list! That's even the old picture. I have since Evolved into the Single Tier setup using the same equipment. I think my design will be VERY useful for people wanting to build a setup, but knowing they will have to grow in stages.
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    new propane burner question bg-14

    Thanks for following up jawsfree