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  1. rdwj

    If you could have any object turned into a tap handle, what would it be?

    Anything? I'll go with the still beating hearts of my enemies. Those would be a conversation starter for sure.
  2. rdwj

    Group buy in Chicago?

    We do group buys for our club in Plainfield IL. Unfortunately, you need to be a member to join them, but perhaps some of you are looking for a club too.
  3. rdwj

    New to kegging

    I leave mine on all the time. As long as you don't have any leaks, you're fine. Force carbing doesn't use any more CO2 than the set-it and forget it method, but once you're don't carbing, you will only use the C02 you need to push beer through your serving lines - and that's not a lot.
  4. rdwj

    Arguing with turn

    Totally wrong. I'd expect my wife to be pissed at me if I pulled something like that and I know I'd be pissed at her if she did that to me. It's not like you were doing anything important - Family Guy isn't even funny anymore. I could see if you had a meeting and needed to leave, but you...
  5. rdwj

    New Handmade Growler

    I need one of those!
  6. rdwj

    If you could buy one grain in bulk?

    I like Maris Otter and Golden Promise better as a base malt than standard two row. I also use a lot of Belgian Pilsner. You can't go wrong with a base malt. Just pick the one that you like best.
  7. rdwj

    Trade: My two 5 Gallon Cornys for your 3 / 2.5 Gallon Corny

    You realize that the little ones are worth a LOT more than the 5 gal ones, right?
  8. rdwj

    New Homebrew Club in the Naperville / Plainfield IL Area

    Great turnout - glad to see there were a few guys from this board that made it out
  9. rdwj

    Aug 12 HAN at Limestone Brewing Company - Plainfield, IL

    We're getting a decent amount of interest. The first meeting was small, but a lot of fun. Can't wait for the next one
  10. rdwj

    Chicago Area Meet @ Two Brothers Tap House!

    I'm planning on attending
  11. rdwj

    Flooring for Finished basement

    Take a look at acid staining. I almost did this, but went with carpet instead. My main reason was the COLD floors.
  12. rdwj

    You gotta check this out.

    Those were taken off the shelves for a while because they were deemed "insensitive". Not sure what changed.
  13. rdwj

    Phase 2 brewery build progress shots

    That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I have no idea how it works and what 3/4 of that stuff is for, but that doesn't make it any less impressive. I need to see a video.
  14. rdwj

    My bar project

    It's a bit of a pain, but I'd rather do that than have the taps really low. The platform is wide enough to stand on and I have a handy stool as well - so it's not too bad. I'm also 6'2", so that helps some.