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    American Brown Ale Brown Out American Brown Ale (Tulsa Fair 2nd place Winner!!)

    How everyone is dry hopping this? Seven days seems a little long (in my experience) so I may try 3-5 days. Just wondering if you're doing it after primary fermentation has stopped or just on the last seven (or however many) days regardless of activity.
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    Mini keg and maple syrup

    So I actually bottled/kegged yesterday evening so I just winged it. I did the presumed amount for the bottles and put around 1/2 a cup in the one gallon keg and force carbed. I just took my first taste from the keg and it still needs a little more carbing time but I definitely get the sweetness...
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    Mini keg and maple syrup

    So I've found a lot of threads that dance around what I'm looking for but not quite it. I'm splitting my five gallon batch into four gallons in bottles and then one gallon into a 128oz mini keg. I have maple syrup on hand for priming and using the Northern Brewer calculator, I need to use about...
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    2-roller grain mill for $65

    Is there somewhere online that sells them used you a referring to or are you just noting that if you come across a used one, the price would likely be similar?
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    FREE! Win a Free Brewer's Friend T-shirt!

    Done on Facebook and for the trial account.
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    American Pale Ale Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone

    What did you change to make it session? Definitely interested in brewing a session version of this...
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    Year old all grain kit. Still ok to brew?

    So I ordered an all grain kit (black IPA) about a year ago for my first all grain batch. I ended up putting it aside due to other brews I wanted to do with plans to brew it a month or two down the road. Well, now here I am and just came across a box with all my grain in it. I've read through...
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    Which Columbus Breweries Should I Go To?

    Kind of short notice but I'll be in Columbus (Ohio) this evening and originally planned on going to the Brewery District and doing some brewery hopping but as it turns out there seems to only be Columbus Brewing Company in the area plus the World of Beer so I am looking for suggestions. Is...
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    Should I still rack to secondary?

    Seems unanimous then. Into bottles it goes. Thanks everyone.
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    Should I still rack to secondary?

    Bottling. I'm getting kegging equipment together so hopefully it's my last time!
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    Should I still rack to secondary?

    So I followed the Norris Farmer Breakfast Milk Stout recipe found here: I couldn't upload it directly because it is a .doc file and isn't supported, sorry. Anyway, I brewed it about four weeks ago. My initial plan was to do two weeks in primary and two...
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    Ohio One simple step to all-grain - $400

    This is exactly what I'm looking for but alas I don't have the spare cash right now! I'll try to figure out something...
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    Is it ok to store an extract kit until next May or June?

    It never really crossed my mind to brew it now and let it age longer. Sounds like my new plan. Thanks!
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    Is it ok to store an extract kit until next May or June?

    You do make a good point about that. Hmm..maybe I'll just go ahead and brew both. There are worse things then drinking winter beer in the spring.