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  1. raymadigan

    Recipe Variant

    I'm building an automated electric brewing technology for my brewery and I am trying to decide how best to implement the idea of a brew variant? Say a recipe calls for 5 lbs of a specific grain and I only have 4.9 lbs, I miscalculated :(. I'm in the garage ready to brew and this isn't a huge...
  2. raymadigan

    BIAB Recirculation Pump

    @FatDogBrew: I think I want to control it in the mash control process. I don't know if it is even useful, but I can't seem to change my mind. I also prefer an electronic "automated" process over pinching the tube after the pump. I might end your way, but for now I want to try one of these...
  3. raymadigan

    BIAB Recirculation Pump

    @rkhanso: I talked with others on this forum, one who uses three of these without failure for several years, and his claim is the problem with these pumps is that they need a better power supply then the 12V wall wort style. I don't know if this will help you.
  4. raymadigan

    BIAB Recirculation Pump

    @Hwk-I-St8: "My brewery will be controlled by a microcontroller or two and the pump speed will be controlled with a pwm circuit" As you can tell by this I am a tinkerer and like playing with technology. My plan is to have the mash process control the flow rate, if I can figure it out. I use...
  5. raymadigan

    BIAB Recirculation Pump

    @ FatDogBrew: I have a marsh pump that I use for pumping the wort for chilling when I need to move the wort as fast as possible. I brew small batches, 2.5 gallons, and I need to reduce the flow for recirculation. @bigdawg86: I wish they would have left the control off of the cord, does it look...
  6. raymadigan

    BIAB Recirculation Pump

    I am in the process of, finally, building my electric BIAB electric brewery. I am trying to decide what pump to use for wort recirculation. I am considering either: or...
  7. raymadigan

    12v pumps

    I have looked on ebay and found these pumps: Has anyone tried them? I want to use it for mash re-circulation in my BIAB...
  8. raymadigan

    Using a GreatBrewEh pump

    I am building a BIAB electric brewery and I want to use this pump as a re-circulation pump. I need to be able to control the pump using 12v PWM and this pump seems to have an internal controller. I have tried to contact them to ask if this is possible...
  9. raymadigan

    BIAB Electric Brewery Clone

    That's awesome, thanks for the tip.
  10. raymadigan

    BIAB Electric Brewery Clone

    @brewasaurus55: Where did you find the switch labels? Thanks all for the guidance.
  11. raymadigan

    BIAB Electric Brewery Clone

    I am working out the details if it makes sense for me to build a clone of the Electric Brewery for a BIAB system. The issue I am trying to resolve is the size of the box. Since I will have fewer controls on the panel and fewer plugs in the bottom I am looking at a 12x8 which would be really...
  12. raymadigan

    Hisense Dual Zone Keezer Project

    Do you have a build page? It would be nice to know how you built it :) It looks awesome, I want one.
  13. raymadigan

    Water source pipe question

    I am getting ready to setup my electric brewery in my garage but I need to put in the water source. The issue is it will be very difficult, but not impossible, to put in copper pipe. I am bringing the water in from the crawl space and I would rather not do too much soldering while in the not...
  14. raymadigan

    Camco element length

    I am getting ready to finally build my electric brewery and am trying to decide which heating element to use. I only brew 5 gallon batches. I am looking at the Camco 2955 vs the Camco 2965. I don't think I really need the 5.5Kw element but they are both the same price so it would be faster...
  15. raymadigan

    A Brew Room?

    I have looked at these two threads, I hope this isn't all. and If you know of others, that are not basements, I would appreciate the tip.