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    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    You skipped me. 37,387.
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    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    I did around 4 gallons of a dry stout. So 37,382 gallons.
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    MBG Summer Beer Festival in Ypsilanti this weekend

    I'm going to be there on saturday with my cousin, girlfriend, and a couple of her friends.
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    Breweries near Macomb, MI

    I haven't been to Kuhnhenn for a few years now, but I remember them doing growlers.
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    Re: Stir Plate Question. . . . .

    Would work fine if you wanted an output closer to 25V :p Missed that little detail, image was just pulled from the web, replaced it with one pulled from an LM317 datasheet. I can't remember what my potentiometer resistance or my other resistor value was, but on my stir plate about half of the...
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    Re: Stir Plate Question. . . . .

    I played around with the stir bars and found that 1.5" and 2" were too long for my setup. A 1" bar stirs adequate, and tends to not fly off when you increase speed. I linked one which is 1" and has no pivot ring (those things make the stirrer very loud). Round vs. octogon does not seem to really...
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    All Grain Issues - Crowd Source Triage

    Yes. My first all grain batch was a Wit, and I missed my target temp by a lot and just rolled with it. Ended up making a super dry Wit. A bit off style, but it was a good drinker.
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    Arduino projects

    Yes. To answer more clearly, it does what you program it to do. If you program it to work on its own, it will do that. You can also have it tethered to a computer via USB/wireless/etc. UI can be as simple as some switches/LEDs or can be a web interface. All depends on what you want and what...
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    These will look good on my kegerator

    Just watch out for the horns on her.
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    Slight CO2 smell from keezer

    I just did this the other day. Cheapo spray bottle, and some dish soap watered down to approximately the same mix you use when doing dishes. Maybe a bit stronger. Spray every connection/fitting on your system. Middle of the hoses seem like a low priority target because it would require some...
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    1/4" OD line for keezer?

    I think it's pretty standard to put the 3/16" hose on 1/4" barbs. Makes a tighter fit which should be less likely to leak. Barely need the hose clamp with them. I normally dip the end of the hose into some hot water fresh from the kettle or microwave for a minute then force it on to the hose...