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    Grape & Sultana Wine

    OK I know it's a daft name, but I am new. I've been making some great wine from kits so I thought I'd try my own recipe. I had some grapes that had got a bit dry so I basically juiced them and added a bit of sugar , I also added some sultanas after soaking them in boiling water. The OG...
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    Bottle Conditioning not started

    You might be right, after first week there was no sediment. I've just checked and theres a tiny bit. I'll shake and warm see what happens. Thanks.
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    Bottle Conditioning not started

    Sugar & water syrup. It was sat for about 2.5 weeks in bucket, but it fermented very quickly and was clear at end of first wek. I would have bottled then, but I had no bottles. :(
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    Bottle Conditioning not started

    I've made a really nice taking lager which was crystal clear and tasted great. I was hoping to condition in Plastic bottles, so added syrup to the lager and bottled hoping for it to harden up. The problem is it's not firming up (after 3 weeks) and so it's pretty flat and too sweet. I've...
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    First brew lovely and clear then went cloudy

    and if I store it at room temperature will it go away?
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    First brew lovely and clear then went cloudy

    Chill Haze - whats that?
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    First brew lovely and clear then went cloudy

    Just brewed my first beer. Took some time to condition in 2l plastic bottles, but went lovely and clear in my warm brewing box. Put first bottle in fridge and drank it that day, absolutely lovely. Clear as a bell, and tasted beautiful. Nice head and remainder even had a head following...
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    Brewing box idea worked then stopped -help?

    Thanks for the advice, I'm going to rack them today. There for nearly immediate consumption so need to speed up clearing process and if there is a way to remove bitter taste caused by too quick fementation I'd love to know.
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    Brewing box idea worked then stopped -help?

    To be honest she's a diamond, I can understand her with 5 kids running round the house it's not conducive to good brewing anyway. A bit more information after trekking round Tesco, Dunelm Mill, Morrisons, Aldi before finally getting a Turkey baster from Wilkinsons for the extortionate price...
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    how do I carb Apfelwein?

    I've used old Plastic carbnated soft drinks bottles very successfully.
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    Brewing box idea worked then stopped -help?

    Yes I working in Celcius. The instructions said 30 degrees to start it and it seemed to bubbling away at that temp so I left it like that. It's too hot isn't it? I'm just using a small electric oil filled radiator. (about £9 from B&Q) Could I restart in anyway?
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    Brewing box idea worked then stopped -help?

    I've started brewing in reasonable quantities now with different wines and mash. My wife was not very happy at the dining room being taken up with three 30 bottle plastic buckets so I moved them to the garage/shed. The brew then stopped because of the cold, (I rescued the wine by bringing...
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    Cider too tart

    Made some cider from own apples that had low sg and fermented like crazy for three weeks. It then stopped and is still cloudy (will try some peptic ) It was also very tart, (but apart from that good taste) so I added some sugar, (now it's a bit too sweet). It hasn't started fermenting...
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    Mixing in some 'Wino' wine?

    Rough wine is good for marinade
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    Newbie Idiot Mistake

    This is still bubbling , but down to about one bubble a minute. Should I wait longer?