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  1. quaxk

    Apfelwein question

    Main fermentation's over I think. If so, it will probably look clear in 2 weeks, but give it 3 weeks before bottling. You're getting there :)
  2. quaxk

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I'm trying with this grape, apple and pear juice blend next: Already bought 40L of it on sale. The juice itself is quite good, but I won't be able to appreciate the resulting wine until november, my fermentors are in use right now. I'd like to try the low acidity apple juice also, I...
  3. quaxk

    I want to try two chicks at the same time.

    You don't like the funney? :D There's nothing better on, dude. I know, I checked, that's why I'm here. :o
  4. quaxk

    I want to try two chicks at the same time.

    Don't get upset you judgmental pricks. And don't lie to me. I know some of you did it at some point. Some are probably doing it right now. Yeah, you, mister multiple girlfriends, talk to me :D So anyway, I got a flat in big city and the GF live 100km from here. We usually see each other on...
  5. quaxk

    Snuffy has started his first batch.

    You'll be fine, EC-1118 is a vigorous 'killer' strain, perfect for noobs. These strains secrete a protein that kill non-killer yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. They also tend to ferment fast and finish sharply, consuming all resources before other organisms can proliferate. As a bonus, they...
  6. quaxk

    unidentified floaties in 3 weeks old apfelwein

    Fond it: slower, mucho. Careful peeps, I'm ripe for the drunken board after half a bottle, a lot of heat in them bottles. Where's that banana, here :ban:
  7. quaxk

    unidentified floaties in 3 weeks old apfelwein

    I don't think much alcohol is produced. Lactic acid is what turn the cabbage into this nourishing treat and is secreted directly by the bacteria. You got it right, the salt, mixed with the cabbage juice, create the brine in which the sauerkraut can ferment and be preserved safely for months. It...
  8. quaxk

    unidentified floaties in 3 weeks old apfelwein

    Hi doctor! From what I read, yeasts involvement is minimal during cabbage fermentation, it is dominated by the lactic acid bacteria that are on the cabbage leaves. This recipe is at least two thousand years old, I hardly created it, just mimicking our ancestors ;) ---- A quik follow...
  9. quaxk

    Holy crapoly

    Make more apfelwein, no more sadness :o
  10. quaxk

    unidentified floaties in 3 weeks old apfelwein

    Sure Pogo :) It's very easy, that's why I decided to try it, here's how: Get 8 to 10 large cabbages, I used 3/4 green + 1/4 red for color. Clean / sterilize a 6 gal fermenting bucket. Sprinkle some coarse salt (kosher salt for you guys I believe) on the bottom. With a large knife, cut a...
  11. quaxk

    unidentified floaties in 3 weeks old apfelwein

    Thanks for the advices everybody. Except for a haze at the bottom, the wine has cleared during the weekend. I'm going to check the carbonation level later this week when I start my next batches. I'll probably test drive this wine next week for my birthday. I know, too young. You'll excuse...
  12. quaxk

    Anyone have recipes for pears?

    Boiling 'set' the pectin, making them molecules attach to one another. That's why jams and jellies are so viscous. My understanding is you don't want that for a wine, yet I've seen recipes calling for it. I would do a small scale test first.
  13. quaxk

    Smell durning fermentation

    Hello :) The mcintosh, in my humble opinion, has a banana-like aroma going on. So does the freyberg, IMHO. Girlfriend says it's more like pear. Isn't it amazing how opinion can differ? :D Aroma out of the fermenter is light, I can't tell you more than that, I just bottled the wine.
  14. quaxk

    Smell durning fermentation

    Donno if that help, but since I could not find Red Star yeasts locally, I used lalvin EC-1118 and didn't experience the sulfur smell, just a strong fermentation odor, but not unpleasant. End product is dry and neutral, I can detect the banana-like aroma of the mcintosh used to make the juice...
  15. quaxk

    unidentified floaties in 3 weeks old apfelwein

    Lol, I'll take that as noob flattery then :) Yes, for a few days after the main fermentation finished and I degasified, microscopic bubbles columns continued coming from the bottom and indeed, created those tiny islands. Then, it went completely still and I started to see through. From what...