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    BYO BoGo List of 'wanters' 50/50 splits

    I've got a card to split. Pm me or better yet, email me.... [email protected]
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    Michigan BYO 2 for 1 subscription

    I have the BYO 2 for 1 subscription offer available. First person to email me at [email protected] gets it. $16.50 through PayPal or money order. If sending through PayPal, please send as gift so I do not incur any fees. Closed
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    Michigan Hanna Digital Refractometer

    I am selling my Hanna Digital Refractometer Model #HI 96801 that I received as a gift for Christmas. While it was a very nice gift, I really don't find myself using it nearly as much as I should since my brewing time has taken a nose dive. The unit is is excellent/like new condition. I have...
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    Michigan $50 Gift Certificate for MyOwnLabels.com

    I have a $50 gift certificate for myownlabels.com that I received as a gift that I don't think that I will use. I am asking $35.00. Paypal or a money order will work for payment. If you pay with Paypal, just mark it as a "gift" when you send payment so I do not incur any Paypal fees. PM me if...
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    Michigan Copper Wort Chiller 3/8" X 25'

    Price for local pick-up is $30.00.
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    Michigan Copper Wort Chiller 3/8" X 25'

    Pm's sent
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    Michigan Copper Wort Chiller 3/8" X 25'

    I am selling my copper wort chiller. The chiller is in great condition with no leaks. Size is 3/8" X 25'. Approximate dimensions are 13" to top of chiller, 7" diameter, and 8" to top of coils. $45.00 shipped. Pm me if interested.
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    Michigan Hop Crowns for sale

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    Michigan Hop Crowns for sale

    While at a recent homebrew clubs After Holiday Party I won a gift certificate for (5) 1 gallon hops crowns from Great Lakes Hops. After thinking about where to plant them, I have decided that I just have too much shade in my backyard for them to grow properly. So, I have decided to sell the gift...
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    BYO BoGo magazine

    And you sir, are a better man than me. That was a very nice thing to do.
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    BYO BoGo magazine

    Your math is not too good. $33.00 divided by 2 is? Anyone? Anyone? It is $16.50.
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    It's that time of year again....BYO B1G1 FREE OFFER

    1st one to pm me gets it for $16.50!
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    Honey varieties and their tastes from Arizona?

    I live in Michigan and a good friend of mine is driving out to the Flagstaff, Arizona area in a couple of weeks. I asked her if she would mind bringing me back some honey on her return trip. She said it is ok. I am looking to get about 60 lbs. I have looked a bit for honey varieties that come...