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  1. PurpleJeepXJ

    Blue Mold Harvesting

    Years ago I posted a list of yeasts that could be harvested from commercial brewed beers. I kept up with it for a little while and then it grew out of control. Haven’t brewed beer in several years now but have been making cheese. The thought crossed my mind “can I harvest blue mold from...
  2. PurpleJeepXJ

    Ferment didn't start

    Wait a week. Then you can start worrying.
  3. PurpleJeepXJ

    Hops broke ground already

    My 6yr old chinook has already broke ground here in GA. My cascade and willamette haven't come up. The chinook has 4 shoots 3-4" tall. Looks like it may be a good year!!
  4. PurpleJeepXJ

    Mash Out?

    Mash out should have nothing to do with an off flavor. Need more details on the taste or odor.
  5. PurpleJeepXJ

    First AG brew day tomorrow...

    This is how I look at brew day as well!!
  6. PurpleJeepXJ

    What's this? Infection?

    It is an infection of some sorts. Make a hole in it without stirring it up and then siphon from well beneath the infected area.
  7. PurpleJeepXJ

    Dry yeast rehydration - stir plate to free my hands - good idea??

    I frequently use the stir plate to get my dry yeast started. Typically I start dry yeast 4-12 hrs before brew time. I do not see an issue with your method as it is very similar to mine.
  8. PurpleJeepXJ

    Johnson Controllers and GFCI Plugs

    So I have a kegorator that I built several years ago. It is built from a Marvel Mini-freezer. Looks like a mini-fridge but is a freezer. I use a temperature controller, Johnson or similar, to control the temperature in the mini-freezer. This set up worked great for a couple years. The freezer...
  9. PurpleJeepXJ

    Water filter suggestions

    In the past, I haven't worried much about the water I use to brew. However, in the last year I can swear that the chlorine taste in my tap water has become stronger. The county claims they have not changed anything. I am looking for an in line filter option. What are my options for say $50. I...
  10. PurpleJeepXJ

    Copper Cooler & corrosion

    Um copper oxidizes... same reason the Statue of Liberty is green.
  11. PurpleJeepXJ

    Ball valve on Chugger output??

    Of you use one it must be "full port".
  12. PurpleJeepXJ

    IPA not getting the taste I want....Help!

    IPAs are meant to age. Look it up, that's the whole point of an IPA. If you are using tried and true recipes or kits and still aren't getting the taste you are expecting, I would look towards equipment or process.
  13. PurpleJeepXJ

    IPA not getting the taste I want....Help!

    What kind of kit? Extract or AG?