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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    pick me...then I can clean out DH's jug and make my
  2. purple

    Doing things the old way

    As a newer driver I am very thankful for the ABS and other features of my newer automatic Passat. I however will most likely be pulling her apart so that I can replace the water pump and timing belt myself. Savings of $700-800 over the dealership even after parts are factored in. I don't use a...
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    You might be on the toilet but you're still in public

    I don't know who trained your sub crew, but can assure you every one of the crews, nay boats my father was on flushed and didn't spray the toilet. And they always washed their hands (he had some paranoid Cobs let me tell you). My favorite memory of Spring Break was the day trip to Morocco...
  4. purple

    Naturally fermented cider

    Rather good (although I am waaaay south). We normally do this yearly with the help of a friend who runs an orchard. We don't have our own equipment but for the exchange rate of a couple cases of cider scented soy candles I get a couple gallons of naturally fermented cider. :)
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    New Brewery Logo

    For a sharp logo you really need a vector program (such as Illustrator or Photoshop although there are a couple free ones) to clean up the pixelation. Otherwise you're going to have to fix it each and every time. I like the shield designs although the circle with a greater overlap could have...
  6. purple

    Brewing Demonstration?

    I think it sounds like a great idea. I'd love to see brewing at the fair (we don't have a beer fest :( ) and I have to agree throwing it out is silly. You've brewed it why toss it?
  7. purple

    Small town monopolies suck

    I can't imagine anything like that lasting up here. Its just a bit on the lazy side unless they've got a huge list of people waiting.
  8. purple

    Possible Sweet Score

    Those are definitely pretty. And nothing beats free for supplies. Hope you score one or two for use.
  9. purple

    110 gallons of mead in Applejack barrels

    That looks absolutely amazing. What a worthwhile project to pull off. Every time I come on here to browse I get more desperate to get started myself.
  10. purple

    Nanny 911

    I can't stand that show either, unless its to tape for my sister-in-law to show her that her kids behavior really isn't normal nor accepted by the civilized portion of society. My theory is if I wanted kids I'd have my own or borrow some more often. :)
  11. purple

    Vanilla Granola...this may sound weird

    That sounds lovely. I would think depending on the size of the chunks you's want to at least run it over with something heavy or a rolling pin to even out the size. Not sure about a grin mill.
  12. purple

    help make 1 gallon of blackberry mead

    Blackberry mead you say? I will have to follow this conversation. I've got a huge blackberry thicket next to the backyard that could make some lovely flavor.
  13. purple

    Small Batches-- Advice?

    Good to know that working in smaller batches just requires some algebra skills. One of the things thats put me off is the amount of space required for bottling a couple brews at a time.
  14. purple

    My first batch of Apfelwein in a glass

    I think my Diet Coke just killed itself in shame, lol. That does look mighty fine. I know whats on my list for the weekend. You think I can pass off brewing supplies as "weekly groceries" without the husband getting suspicious?
  15. purple

    Withdrawl Sucks.

    Keeping the caffeine consumption even is a must. I normally keep some Pepsi Max about for the day off. Drink less but get more caffeine from it. I normally use excedrin for pain which has caffeine in it as well so tha probably helps.