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    a new cider experiment.....called "Blue Chair"
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    Put up an experimental cider

    hey all, I put up an experimental cider today, generally ive been concentrating on my meads and beers but had a request for some cider...I have made numerous batches of EdWorts Apfelwien with great reception but was looking for something i played with the recipe a bit and came up with...
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    Input on a Cider starter

    Just curious to know how many cider makers use starters? I am prepping up to do edworts famous apfelwine and going to use a knottingham yeast this round. I have had trouble before with this same yeast as was curious to know if setting up a starter a few days in advance would be a better...
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    The ever famous J.A.O.M.
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    White Grape Pyment
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    Cranberry/Black Raspberry melomel
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    Any one use an air pump?

    Ive been using a Nebulizer for asthma patients.. it has a filter incorporated into the body and also I installed a second filter inline. I have my ornamental metal worker making up 2 stainless steel tubes that medical air stones can be secured to (the ones you see in an medical O2 set up) till i...
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    Which wine bottles to use?

    Thanks Summersolstice appreciate the feedback.....i usually use the swingtops for get together's and more often then not i am pulling mead right from the 1 gallon glass jugs as it never seems to stay around long will definitely keep in mind the advice on the gaskets and the...
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    Which wine bottles to use?

    If i can ask a few more questions regarding bottles: I personally recycle most of my wine, beer, cider and mead bottles....fortunately I get them for free and get mostly clear 375ml. I brew mostly 1 gallon batches of mead so the smaller bottles suit me better for long term. Is there any...
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    First batch if JOAM.

    This was a similar situation for original mead making was shortlived as very expensive. since then i moved to brewing beer and cider....recently i tried mead again and love the fact that i moved down the batch size to 1 gallon batches. I have a few gallons of viking thunder under my...
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    Joe's Quick Grape Mead

    Has anyone tried using white grape juice with this recipe? I want to make it but have more of a fan base for whites rather then a great deal on organic grape juice...was courious to know if anyone else had experience with white??? thanks anthony
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    Yeast Question

    no the 1118 did it s job what i failed to mention was that i stopped it a bit short and the backsweetened with basically i made it to sweet i guess. i also femrented this batch using no yeast nutes.....i blame them for the last batch of viking thunder i made tasting off and gave this...