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    Tobacco Road!

    You can get pasteurized tobacco pouches. Camel makes them now, but they've been popular in scandanavia for a long time. they're non toxic i believe. you can swallow the juice with no ill effect anyways. certainly not the same flavor as a nice cigar, but might do something for you...
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    Any HBT Bicyclists?

    My Stable: 2006 Di Bernardi Track, Miche Groupo, etc... Chrome Schwinn road bike built around a raleigh 3-speed hub (my winter/bad weather ride) Tall Bike Penny Farthing Daisy Daisy Tandem Old FS GT mountain bike I want more, but money is certainly an object right now. I'm to get a decent road...
  3. powerjb

    Anyone buy their 08 hops yet?

    i got: 8oz cascade 8oz centennial 8oz columbus 4oz amarillo freshops, they're beautiful :). 4oz willamette
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    So last night...

    you are a lucky lucky man. i just used hot water and oxyclean on mine. cleaned them right up.
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    Brewing less because of financial crisis?

    unfortunately, it doesn't quite work that way. A capitalist economy operates on credit. stores use it to build inventory, to make payroll, to invest in buildings, etc. Now, currently, there is NO credit available on a large scale. Banks are only able to borrow a fraction of what they normally...
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    Specialty IPA: Rye IPA Bee Cave Brewery Rye IPA

    This looks excellent, and i've got a 1/2 lb of Chinook just waiting for some lovin'. What do you think about Willamette instead of the Tettnanger? Obviously a different flavor profile, but i think it could fly.
  7. powerjb

    Brewing outside, at night...pitfalls?

    i did a batch with a headlamp 'cause the outside light burnt out at our place. turned out just fine, but i def. missed a little clean up, but that may have been due to the beer drinking as much as the night time beer brewing...
  8. powerjb

    My Hops are Here!

    yeah, the shipping was quick. I'm sure with the rising costs that overstuffing has died out. mine is pretty on weight. i'm excited to use these; it'll be my first experience with leaf, not pellet.
  9. powerjb

    My Hops are Here!

    I just got the 2 lbs of hops I ordered from Freshops delivered to me at work. Aside from the fact that when i opened the box I got some interesting looks from my coworkers, I'm very pleased. they all look beautiful. I know Hops Direct has the reputation of over packing, but I went with...
  10. powerjb

    My new gravity frame

    that's rad, i'd for sure rock that.
  11. powerjb

    What ale yeast for a marzen?

    okay, i'm brewing this tonight. does that hop schedule sounds about right? Perle at 60 Spaalt at 15 and, can I single infusion mash at like 152?
  12. powerjb

    Interesting conversation with a Mech. Engineer at Work

    i could see the water water wort method working if the outside flow of water ran the same direcetion as the wort, and the middle fluid ran counter. That way the middle would be taking heat off the wort, and the outside taking heat off the middle more effectively than convection would have it...
  13. powerjb

    Called retailer with keg ?'s; Not so sure they know what they're talking about

    I'm not too sure about the check valve issue, but my guess is you don't have one. As far as the pressure of the keg is concerned. It is difficult to tell the volume of CO2 in solution. The regulator guage won't give you that, just the pressure in the tank. You can easily have perfectly carbed...
  14. powerjb

    What ale yeast for a marzen?

    absolutely, but free beer is free, even if you tweak the recipe. i wish i had the ability to lager, but it's not a style i'm really seeking out to brew anytime soon, aside from this free batch. trying to work with what i have and find the next best thing. i probably should have mentioned that...
  15. powerjb

    What ale yeast for a marzen?

    So, a friend of mine doesn't have the time/space to brew right now, but had recently bought the grains and hops for a marzen. I have no idea what the grain bill is, since it's all milled together already. I'm hoping to brew this thursday, but have to figure out both the hop schedule, and...