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    Make carbonated/sparkling red?

    You just need champagne bottles, champagne corks, and corker that will accommodate them (unless you use plastic stoppers). You are essentially doing the same thing with beer, but sparkling wines are usually carbed up to much higher volumes. Dangerous? The pros wear protective suits when...
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    Heating & Cooling non-jacketed Conicals

    I would look into using a ss immersion chiller coil inside the conical. There is a recent thread on this subject using glycol with plastic units. I would plan on drilling for new fittings for your probe and in-out cooling/heating lines. You'll want to keep the existing PRV in place...
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    Tripel slime

    Those Belgians are busy little buggers. Way too early to rack it in that pic, but looks fine to me.
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    Blending PBW and Star San

    No. PBW is a base and Starsan an acid. On a good day such a combination will simply neutralize itself.
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    Yeast for "dry" finish

    As long as your starting gravity isn't extremely high most any ale yeast should be able to ferment to dryness. You might look at unfermentable sugars in your recipes. Using a lot of crystal or caramel malts will leave you with more residual sweetness and fuller body that won't ferment out...
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    White flour question

    Chimay's Grand Reserve lists "wheat starch" on it's English label. They were apparently questioned about the use of highly processed starch and called this a translation error. They confirmed they do use less than 5% wheat flour to enhance head retention.
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    SS Brewing Technologies "That's a ton of Stuff!" Giveaway

    Great looking gear. Count me in.
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    Help with candy sugar

    It sounds like yours got burnt on the bottom. If it has a bitter, burnt sugar flavor now this will definitely carry over to the bottle. When I make my own dark syrup I start by making a clear invert syrup. (About one cup of water with a pinch of citric acid per lb of sugar.) Heat stirring the...