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  1. Pongo

    Refill or exchange CO2 tank?

    My supplier did say they fill tanks differently based on what they were used for. I didn't get the chance to ask him what the difference was (was @ work when he called to ask), but the food grade filling vessel makes sense. I should probably follow up on that when he drops it off.
  2. Pongo

    My heather metheglin smells/tastes like... Waxed lips?

    How to Brew - By John Palmer - Common Off-Flavors The band-aid flavor sounds like a combination of residual chlorine + yeast. No idea about the waxy one - if it persists, you might want to rack onto some pectin and make your own lips :D
  3. Pongo

    The second coming of Krausen!

    Sounds like you have a zombie brew on your hands. I would steep some specialty brains and top it off, or rack it onto some human flesh.
  4. Pongo

    Should I Rack to Secondary?

    Hi Gang, Should I rack to secondary? I pitched the yeast for my first mead on 10/01. The bubbles in the airlock have slowed to about 1/30 seconds since then, and the S.G. has fallen from 1.101 to 1.023 as of yesterday. Obviously the fermentation is not yet done. However I read that Lalvin...
  5. Pongo

    Rabbit's Foot Mead

    I've had their Belgian Ale, Diabhal. Which was OK - I'm not a huge fan of Belgians. I only recently found out about this meadery tho, and since my parents live in Sunnyvale I'm going to try the rest of their lineup soon.