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    Help! Hydrometer broke in carboy

    that is exactly what happened and kind of what I was thinking too. I planned to add an extra dose of metabisulfite anyway since I plan on aging this about a year before I drink it. I was planning on serving it to others for a special occasion. Does anyone know if Ward Labs or any other...
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    Help! Hydrometer broke in carboy

    While attempting to remove a hydrometer from a glass carboy today I broke the hydrometer (I know, I should have used a test jar). I immediately racked the wine from the carboy to a plastic bucket to get the wine out of there and assess the damage. What worries me the most is that I don't know...
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    Downsizing my chamber. Need Ideas

    So I'm moving into a new apartment in the next few months. Currently I utilize a small chest freezer with a collar and A419 controller. This size freezer allows me to fit two carboys at the same time along with some extra beer storage. The problem: new apartment simply doesn't have the room...
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    Reviving Harvested Yeast

    Last season I made my first attempt at yeast harvesting. I didn't want to mess with separating the yeast from trub after fermentation so my process was to make an extra large starter. After the starter did its thing on my stir plate I filled a pint sized mason jar and stashed it in the fridge...
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    Looking for a good first lager to brew!

    So I recently decided I needed to gain better control of my fermentation temps than a swamp cooler allowed so I took the plunge and bought a 5cf GE chest freezer and a Johnson A419 digital controller. I built an 8" collar around it today so that I can fit two plastic fermenters with airlocks...
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    Looking for a mini fridge for a fermentation chamber

    Glad to hear it! Yeah I wish mine didn't have the bump either, but it was an impulse buy. It was the exact same price as their magic chef mini fridge so I couldn't turn it down. Maybe building a collar will prompt me to start kegging! Just when I think I've thrown enough cash at this hobby...
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    Looking for a mini fridge for a fermentation chamber

    Well I gave in and bought a 5cf GE chest freezer from Home Depot today. I used some of their buckets to see how the fit was. A bucket will fit easily in the lower portion, but it's probably gonna be too shallow to fit another bucket on the compressor hump. I plan to add a collar to it anyway for...
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    Looking for a mini fridge for a fermentation chamber

    Hey guys, Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I want to control my ferm temps better than I can with my swamp cooler and would also like to do lagers at some point. Most of the threads I've seen have consisted of building a fermentation chamber around a fridge. However, I live in an...
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    MO/Amarillo SMaSH Recipe Critique

    Hey Guys! Wanting to do my first SMaSH recipe soon and have heard great things about the MO and Amarillo combo. Here's a recipe I came up with please let me know what you think as this is the first one I've tried to come up with on my own! This will be using the BIAB method :mug: Boil...
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    cleaning labels off of bottles.

    +10(or whatever on the oxiclean free) I soak in a bucket overnight and ~90% of bottles' labels fall right off and the glue completely dissolves. Rinse with hot water and you're done. For the stubborn ones, I use one of those copper scouring pads (I find the scotch brite pads clog with glue after...
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    how much corn sugar

    This is the chart from Palmer's book which I find extremely useful. It is important to adjust for beer temp to hit your desired carbonation level. To use the chart draw a line or hold a straight edge connecting your temp to desired carbonation and it tells you how many ounces of sugar to use...
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    Yeast options for warmer summer-time brewing

    FWIW I just bottled a batch of pale ale using Nottingham yeast. My fermentation temps were between 68-70 using a swamp cooler and I pitched warm at 75 degrees. Right out of the fermenter the beer tasted great and I didn't detect any off flavors from the yeast at those temps
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    First biab, grain crush questions.

    I double crush and yes a lot of it turns to flour. I just put it all in my grain bag and go with it. There's a fair amount of trub that gets through the bag, but whirlpooling definitely helps keep it out of the fermenter. I've never ordered grains from NB so I can't speak to the degree of their...
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    Doing my first batch tomorrow! Looking for input

    Thanks for the input wilder! I like that idea a lot and I assume the lid on my blichmann is tight enough to not let any nasties in. I've been reading through the enormous NC thread and there's a lot of great info there. Do you adjust your hop schedule according to Pol's chart or just leave it as...