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    Seeking Advice on Which Smoker to Get - Newby

    Weber Smokey mountain (WSM) all the way. I have one and it was the best money ever spent. Grab an inkbird wireless temp monitor for it and you'e off to the races. The learning curve isn't that steep. The unit has been around since God was a child, as such there are a lot of resources...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Lawson sip of sunshine and cream of 3 crops this weekend....
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    New Holland Dragon's Milk Clone Recipe

    Picked up the materials to brew a second time. First batch was incredible.
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    Help selecting regulator

    Good day ! Have been putting together a keg system for a bit now and getting to the last few times required. I am shopping for a regulator and having a hard time understanding what i need. There' singles, doubles, quads,high pressure,low pressure etc etc... I'm looking to have a couple kegs...
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    Add yeast to RIS for bottling?

    Good day ! I made a batch of RIS A couple of months ago.... probably 3 now. After about 1 month I racked to secondary. Would like to bottle it now and I am wondering if I need to add yeast to chew up the priming sugar. Thx !
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    Intentionally underpitching a hefe?

    I would increase fermentation temp if you have that ability. Much easier than what youre proposing with underpitching
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    What's with crappy plastic mash paddles?

    I use one. No issues.
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    Fermentation Finished Higher FG than anticipated...

    I've had stuck fermentation a time or two. Found a 2l starter of wpl001 chews through anything that's left.
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    Irish Red Ale Raging Red Irish Red Ale

    4th batch going into fermenter today. Can favorite, personal favorite. Great brew ! Thx for sharing !
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    Looking for advice on a recipe

    Good day ! I have made numerous batches of paps cider, which have received rave reviews. However my wife finds it a little too sweet. I am looking to make a batch that caters more to her tastes. Just wondering if anyone has a recipe that would be a little more on the drier side with...
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    Stuck fermentation

    I've had great luck with wlp099 on stuck fermentation. Only issue is that is might dry it out too much.