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  1. pmpbrewer

    Rhizomes in BC Canada

    Saaz $3 each obo + shipping. I'll be generous;) Going to farmers market too so we'll see. Probably Cascades tomorrow.
  2. pmpbrewer

    Canadian Roll Call!!

    I'm in Fruitvale. Don't go to Nelson much but we should car pool to a meeting one night. There are a bunch of us who meet occasionally in Rossland.
  3. pmpbrewer

    Canada 3-Ball lock disconnect with line

    Ha. I'm willing to take USD at par :)
  4. pmpbrewer

    Canada 3-Ball lock disconnect with line

    This is my first attempt at a sale on this site so forgive me if I screw something up. I have 3 - Ball lock (Gas) disconnects. Each crimped to about 3 feet of gas line with terminated on the other end with disconnects. (I think I have more but am still cleaning the brew room) Lets say $25...
  5. pmpbrewer

    Hop Drying Rack question

    It looks like my year 2 Saaz, willemette and cascades are producing tonnes this year. My question is, if I build a hop dryer that stacks the drying racks (like Oast), will there be cross contamination if I stack the 3 different types one above the other? I imagine that the lupin will settle...