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    Brilliant! With emphasis on not so brilliant!

    How about this one for ya, I woke up all giddy at four am brew day because it has been months since I've brewed, (family and pregnancy. I will spare all the stuff that has held me back for making a batch) I couldn't sleep and decided I will get up and make a starter! I boiled my water and...
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    Pressure cooker as autoclave?

    Has anyone used a household pressure cooker as an autoclave, for there small yeast vials? I was tempted to place the really small vials and holder right into the pressure cooker for about 15-20 to get a sterile effect.
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    Help!! Stuck fermentation

    Would a double whammy, put me at any risk,? 1 ramp up to 77 or 78. And or 2 get another vial of yeast and make a starter and stir plate for a 24-36 hour period and pitch give it a week and check out what's up. Its a bit sweet right now doesn't have the overall mouthfeel of a well finished beer.
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    Help!! Stuck fermentation

    A bit of advice please I had a chance over the last week to taste and or sample the whatever beer i made, I have no descriptor its not a kolsch its not a true wit (no coriander no orange peel) its nothing more than base malt 10 gal batch 18lbs American premium two row and 3.5lbs wheat berries...
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    Wlp510 and 500 blend

    I had a vial of each of these i decided to.make a starter and pitched it into a batch of all grain has anyone worked with either of these yeasts? I want to reharvest and repitch, looking for help on a new recipe perhaps Belgian double or something like that.
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    Kolsch grain bill????? Help

    What kindof characteristics would the flavor be missing? Can I use perhaps other specialty grains to offset anything lost by the standard American two row? Thanks for the help!
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    Kolsch grain bill????? Help

    I plan on making a kolsch this Thursday and I only have great western pale two row malt, will this be a good enough substitute for the pilsen malt it calls for?
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    Ommegang Harvested

    Any way to check the viability or vitality? I have a new heated stir plate and really want to try and start harvesting more yeast, I was going to go and buy about 4-5 single one gallon jugs and set them up with different strains harvested from different corked bottles and test them with the...
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    Can i use a regular oil lamp?

    Someone freaked me out, they said I might be making a motov cocktail, and blow myself up glass everywhere, isn't my cup of tea. What about a small Cp cooker on the top of a camping cook stove like backpackers use?
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    Can i use a regular oil lamp?

    I have a house hold oil lamp. Can that be used as a subsitute for the lab style alcohol lamps to keep contamination from my yeast?
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    Stepping up your yeast

    Im guessing to bottle culture and reuse will lead to something that could be viable, perhaps a simple mini recipe test instead, of a full blown investment of ingredients for a full batch, I am trying to end up with enough good yeast to create a ten gallon batch of a duvel clone. thanks for the...
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    Stepping up your yeast

    Hi all, I want to start with a sample of the yeast off the bottom of either a hoegarrden or a duvel, leffe and go from 1000ml flask to my 5000ml flask. Has anyone grown there starter that much? What was your experience?
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    Stir plate fermentation!

    I just purchased a heated stir plate, it has a 10inch x 10inch hot plate adjustable from 5c to 400 degrees c I was thinking about trying an experiment, perhaps after pitching and oxygenation putting the whole 5 gallons on it and at a slow to medium speed to stimulate more yeast growth, my...