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    Adding campden tabs question

    Thanks for the reply, I was just getting everything ready.
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    Adding campden tabs question

    Hello folks! I have a question. It's been roughly six months since I have added campden tabs and was wondering if I should add some before bottling. It's finally ready and finally found the time. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I flavored two gallons of mine with black cheery kool aid and it turned out great
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    Using a regular fridge for long term wine storage

    Well I know the fridge temp wouldn't be a problem, but the storing of wine long term would be a problem.
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    Using a regular fridge for long term wine storage

    Alrite thank you, I will give it a go.
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    Using a regular fridge for long term wine storage

    Hello all, I was wanting to turn my refrigerator into kinda a wine cellar type thing. And was wondering if I could get the temp up to 55 or so would it be suitable to store my wine long term in it. Thank you for your time.
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    First try: Cherry Wine

    Was wondering on how this was doing, if u had the time to reply.
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    Cream flavor in wine

    I don't personally know if it would work or not, but could u add cream before bottling.
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    Hard Lemonade with 7-up

    Ok, thanks for responding and plz update when u do, and best of luck.
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    Hard Lemonade with 7-up

    Gotta bump for an update, plz.
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    Campden tablets

    Ok thanks yooper and I plan on aging it for a bit just know how long yet. Thank you for the help.
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    Campden tablets

    Question about adding campden. Last month on the 20th I added the directed amount of camped tablets (1 per gallon, so I added five). Well it is now clear and ready to bottle do I need to add more campden before bottling or will it be ok. Also no way of testing the sulfite level. Thanks in advance.
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    which yeast for skeeter pee

    I used the ec1118 and it did fine. Idk about the 71b
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    Possibly ruined Jalepeno wine?? Opinions needed..

    I would let it clear and try it. If any thing it might come in handy for cooking with. Just a thought.
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    Food saver as degasser

    Ok thanks for the replies everyone. I also was wondering, when u vacuum pump when do u know when ur done and also if a wine is warm around 80 will it keep it from clearing.