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    Brewmart Mexican kit.

    Sounds good. Thanks for the info.
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    Free Bottle Opener from Beck's

    :D LOL :D ...............
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    best metal band of all time (metallica not allowed)

    METALLICA ROCKS! 80's Ozzy :rockin: DIO :rockin: Judas Priest W.A.S.P. :rockin: but hey, I'm just an old headbanger. :mug:
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    Opinions needed please

    150 to 200 and some homebrew.:mug:
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    alternatives to malt extract?

    Beer is made with malted barley as a main ingredient. Yes many other things can be added depending on style, rice, corn, wheat, honey, on and on, but if it doesn't have barley it isn't really what we call beer. All kinds of alcoholic beverages are made from all kinds of stuff, sake from...
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    Recipe ideas?

    Ahh, it's happily bubbling away now at 61*.:mug: Not too worried about that nasty taste now either. I had bottled a batch of wine the day before and it's pretty young and rough. Guess that ruined my taste buds cause the beer I drank later last night after all the brewing also tasted yukky.:drunk:
  7. pistolero

    Recipe ideas?

    Thanks Bob! I hope you're right. I tasted the sample for the OG and it was nasty, maybe cause I just rinsed out the beaker with star-san before taking the sample I hope.
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    Recipe ideas?

    OK I did what you said, except the kit LME I just put in the fermenter and poured the boil on it. Ice bath and added water to 6 gallons and have OG @ 1.034 @ 73*. Sound right? Just waiting to add the 2112.
  9. pistolero

    Recipe ideas?

    Thanks! Your right I have no barley just extract. How about a half pound or quarter pound corn sugar? And I plan to just add the boil to the fermenter with the "no boil" kit extract already in the fermenter. Mix it up real well to dissolve and aerate and add cold water to top off.
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    Recipe ideas?

    This is what I plan on brewing today. Any suggestions appreciated. A light lager. 1 Munton's Premium Lager Kit (3 pounds 5 ounces hopped LME) 1 pound extra light British DME 1/2 pound rice syrup solids 1/2 pound flaked maize I have 1 ounce Cascade plug, 2 ounces Czech Saaz pellets...
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    18 month old LME?

    It's canned sugar dude, I wouldn't worry.:mug: I have two cans here beside me now and while they don't say when they were made one says best before JUN 2010 and the other APR 2010.
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    Keggle weld prices really vary in Baltimore

    I inspect welds for a living. Almost all of our work is stainless pipe and tube and we only use TIG for stainless hand welds, or an orbital machine on tubing. We install the tanks, tubing, valves, ect. in pharmaceutical plants. TIG is a superior process for stainless. MIG and stick welding are...
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    JUST finished Kegerator long do I have to wait ?

    HA! Congrats. Yeah, beer rocks, good homebrew RULES!:rockin:
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    Newbie questions.

    Ah yeah, I use plastic for primary.