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  1. Piratwolf

    When to brew my second beer

    If you've pitched enough yeast in your pumpkin beer for healthy fermentation and it's been fermenting since last Wednesday, you can absolutely pull it out now. The off-flavor period is long gone and warming your beer will only help finish fermentation. As for the low-temp pitch, I can see why...
  2. Piratwolf

    RIS has gone south...why?

    My first thought is that filtering can remove very small hop bits and yeast covered with hop oils that provide balancing bitterness. That would add the perception of sweetness. However, I don't believe it's possible for the gravity to go up without adding something. Must have been an error on...
  3. Piratwolf

    It would be a great Hef.....

    With 001, cloves + cloudy sounds to me like an infection. Band-aid & clove are nit too distant cousins in the phenol world IMO. Keep it cold & drink it fast--and if you bottle, you may want to put a plastic bag over the batch in case of bottle bombs. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  4. Piratwolf

    Keg dry hopping

    I've keg-hopped beers as long as thirty days before without grassy flavors. It's all about temp--at 38F (my serving temp) the process is exponentially slower than at cellar or room temp. YMMV of course. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
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    Smoked Apricot (American) Wheat Beer?

    Cheers for the thoughts! Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  6. Piratwolf

    Belgian Saison yeast with a hop-forward profile?

    if you haven't done this style, the words above are the essence of Belgian anything. Make your hop choices with those Belgian phenols in mind. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  7. Piratwolf

    First pumpkin all grain recipe

    I've seen a lot of brewers say that butternut squash is a better choice to get "pumpkin flavor" (whatever that may be) than pumpkin itself. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  8. Piratwolf

    Any "must go to" place in Va.Beach?

    Beach Brewing (2 blocks from Young Vets and generally much better beer)has been killing it lately, and Back Bay has a great tasting room near the oceanfront on Norfolk Ave. Alewerks in Williamsburg is worth stopping for if you're inbound from N or W--17 taps of their beers in a new taproom. if...
  9. Piratwolf

    Keg dry hopping

    Dry hopping is dependent on temp like most brewing processes. At 65F all processes develop SIGNIFICANTLY more quickly than at 35F in the kegerator. By the way, I regularly put tied off bags of pellet hops in my kegs. Not only does it give great hop character, but in 1.5 years I've not had a...
  10. Piratwolf

    Diacetyl rest screw up?

    There will still be plenty of yeast in suspension to do your d-rest. My concern would be with starting your d-rest at 75% of anticipated attenuation--seems a bit early unless you're doing the Narsis (sp?) fermentation regimen. But it's not a huge deal, and I'm no lager master! Sent from my...
  11. Piratwolf

    English Ales - What's your favorite recipe?

    You make good points, as usual. My version was closer to 8 SRM the first time (non-reduction version). I want to say it was Crisp but that's just a guess. I think it was in the 200s LV Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  12. Piratwolf

    English Ales - What's your favorite recipe?

    Northern brewer used to have a kit for AK47 Pale Mild. One of my favorite beers, hands down. I like to run off about 20% of the boiling sort and reduce it by half or more in another pot, then add it back. Really develops the flavor & a bit of mouthfeel! Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  13. Piratwolf

    First all grain pumpkin attempt

    You'll get a variety of opinions on the pumpkin issue. I've used canned pumpkin in the mash and zero pumpkin and I just can't tell the difference. YMMV. As for spices, if you want them prominent then add them during conditioning. I put mine directly in the keg, but if you go that route be...
  14. Piratwolf

    Smoked Apricot (American) Wheat Beer?

    Beuller? Anyone? Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  15. Piratwolf

    Hops for an English IPA

    I'd go with Willamette and Styrian Goldings. Earthy, floral & spiciness = delightful. Only possible problem I can think of is the amount of Styr. Goldings you'd need--might get a bit vegetal. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew