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    nugget splits anyone?

    Just mist them with water, toss them into a plastic sandwich baggie, and put them in a box. That is how mine come via mail order.
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    How to keep Hops short?

    I have had some decent luck growing them in a long lateral along a 4' wooden fence. I run my twine from the base, up at 60 degree angles for 4' (two twine in each direction), then spread along the top rail of the fence for around ten feet in both directions. This seems to be hit and miss so...
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    Help with Seeker's Hefeweizen Recipe found on Brewmasters Warehouse

    Sounds like things worked out. How do you like it? I can't see the pics, is it cloudy/hazy with a lot of yeast? Congrats, PikledBill
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    When do you decide to add more yeast at bottling?

    I had to go back and check to be sure...look at page 194. Most Trappist breweries centrifuge or extend lagering times to remove yeast, then add fresh back during bottling. If I recall correctly, yeast added back is generally from primary fermentation crop. Recall that many Trappist beers (not...
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    cooling wort?

    no need for salt in the ice bath...a regular old ice bath works well enough. It will cool better with salt, but you don't need it...and it adds additional expense for little gain. Cheers, PikledBill
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    Started my hefe today - temperature issue

    Get it cooled down by moving it to the cold room...too sudden a temp drop can send the yeast into stress. Fast cooling can cause them to put off some strange flavor compounds. You may have to condition in the bottle a little longer to get the beer to clean up. I have made pretty undrinkable...
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    My God...

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    Help with Seeker's Hefeweizen Recipe found on Brewmasters Warehouse

    Flo, Sorry about the continually changing post, I was reading earlier posts in the thread as you were responding. I am reversed on time, so I am not used to folks being on line when I post...and, I forget it is Sat/Sun. Good luck. PikledBill
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    Help with Seeker's Hefeweizen Recipe found on Brewmasters Warehouse

    Jason, All is well, your plan looks good. The problem with just saying "sure, add 5 gallons" is that I don't know how vigorous you boil. The "average" boil-off considers a roiling boil for 60 minutes...I have seen brewers that cook on a stove that will barely get their wort to a boil. They...
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    Fermentation can take 24 to 72 hrs to show visible signs.

    All depends on the pitch rate, pitching temp, OG...a decently designed starter should yield visible activity within 24 hours...mine generally get going overnight (within 8 hours). Cheers, PikledBill
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    Help with Seeker's Hefeweizen Recipe found on Brewmasters Warehouse

    Jason, I did not read the entire thread link you posted...just the first few lines that suggested it involved "to secondary, or not to secondary". Ar eyou trying to make the decision regarding whether to transfer to a secondary or not? Or, how long to leave in the primary? Both? Cheers...
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    Is this a good idea?

    There is nothing wrong with this approach. A suggestion would be to put the beer into your fermenter, then add the block of ice. Once it is all cooled, shake it up before taking a gravity reading. I used to do something similar and it worked well. Good luck. PikledBill
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    I Need Help With My 2nd Batch

    SG is important right now. You need to be checking it every few days once you think the fermentation is nearly finished. Your beer is ready to bottle when two consecutive gravity readings are consistent (no change). Check gravity, then again in 2-3 days. Keep doing this until there is no...
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    My First Batch - Messed Up?!?!

    You have not ruined your beer. You have done nothing catastrophic that requires and/or even justifies dumping it. Let it sit for two weeks, then taste it again. If it still is not pleasing, let it sit a month and retaste. If still not pleasing, give it another will probably smooth...
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    oatmeal stout stuck at 1.04

    JM, A lot of good advice for you in here. Can you provide a few more bits of information? How did you pitch...did you use a starter? Was this a partial mash, or did you steep the grains? Additional info regarding the partial mash/steep will help...specifically, amount/volume of...