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    Help with recipe change

    Great info, thanks!
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    Help with recipe change

    Great! Thanks for the help guys. Also, the wife was just asking what I wanted for Christmas, so a grain mill might make it to the list.
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    Help with recipe change

    I recently visited my LHBS to pick up the ingredients for a recipe I had seen in one of the recent BYO magazines. It's called Liquid Pumpkin Pie. I got everything I needed, and had my LHBS mill the grains for me. When I got home I actually looked at the directions more closely (not just the...
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    British Brown Ale Nut Brown Ale ( very tasty )

    So I just realized that our LHBS forgot the second addition of Fuggles (and I forgot to double check until now). We were hoping to brew today, and our LHBS is about 1.5 hours away. Should we postpone our brew day? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    Yes, I would love to win any of that!
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    Sanitizer Question....

    Thanks for the quick response. I wanted to use the Betadine rather than bleach so I wouldn't have to rinse since we're on well water, but I wasn't sure about the higher concentration. I did read through the thread, and didn't remember seeing any mention of any higher concentration than 1.5% -...
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    Sanitizer Question....

    So, I thought I'd try also to post here and see if I can get a response. Tomorrow is supposed to be brew day, and I realized I'm out of sanitizer. My LHBS is 1.5 hour drive one way, but I do live in a rural area with tractor supply stores and feed stores. I have a few questions. Should I go with...