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  1. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Boil overs

    +1 to the spray bottle of water. Additionally I kill the heat source if need be.
  2. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    South Carolina SC midlands area brewers

    So for those of you that live in the Lexington/West Columbia Area, have you gotten a water report? Do you make adjustments to your water for brewing?
  3. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    South Carolina SC midlands area brewers

    Awesome, then you deliver to me! I know my ingredients/equipment is in good hands. At least the things I can’t get at Bet Mar. Are there any other brew shops in town that I am unaware of?
  4. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    South Carolina SC midlands area brewers

    Fortunately I still have a all my equipment except my Kegerator. Never made it to all grain but that’s my goal.
  5. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    South Carolina SC midlands area brewers

    Hey all, I just picked up this thread. I have been away from homebrew for awhile but trying to get back into it. I think it’s great what you all do here. I live in Lexington. I’ll be following this group now.
  6. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Nitrogen vs Co2

    From what I understand it’s not a complicated process but you will obviously need a different air tank, regulator and so on. If I recall you can’t use a CO2 regulator on a Nitro tank. In short, I know it’s done just most folks don’t want to invest in equipment to run both a CO2 tank and a...
  7. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Still learning how to read hydrometer

    I would read that as 1.01. I suppose anyone can get real picky about their readings but I use just try to get in the ball park. Hell, some home brewers don't even take readings (that does sound a little silly to me). I personally use both a refratometer and a hydrometer because I like to compare...
  8. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    problem with mold

    As someone who has worked in the restaurant industry for quite some time I can tell you, it doesn't matter how clean you think you are, there will be spillage. Beer still has plenty of sugar left in it once it's done fermenting. At least plenty enough to grow fun organisms. Wipe it down with...
  9. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Something's gone very, very wrong...

    I would suspect the bottles. Complete pain, but if you don't use a bottle brush and either soap or bleach on the preliminary scrubbing your likely to get bottle bombs or gushers. Starsan and Iodine only sanitize a clean surface. That being said I would replace any rubber tubbing and go through...
  10. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Best tool for making largest possible opening in keggle

    Just cut 2 with an angle grinder. They look great. I second the fact you can probably go no larger than 13" with an angle grinder. However, why change everything around an immersion chiller when you will probably want to upgrade to a counterflow chiller or a plate chiller in the future? By...
  11. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Moving to Lexington, SC

    Great write up. I'm still in need of getting out to River Rat. And yes our water in Lexington comes from Lake Murray.
  12. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Dated Beer (ha ha who cares?)

    I found an old bottle of homebrew from 6years ago. Chilled it and popped the top. Still delicious.
  13. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Moving to Lexington, SC

    Welcome to the area! Bet-mar is a solid shop. Disappointing to hear of the shop closing down in the old mill. Also there is the Keg Cowboy on main. I've never been but I looked on their website and they say they still have home brew supplies.
  14. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Cooling fermenters

    Not that my two cents matters but I would vote for a dorm refrigerator or a small freezer both utilizing a temperature controller. I tried swamp coolers and styrofoam boxes with fans and frozen 2 liters and it all seemed a pain. A nice freezer and temp controler is a set it and forget blessing...