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    For Sale Spike+ 10g Mash Tun

    Dropped to $400!
  2. peoples22

    For Sale Spike+ 10g Mash Tun

    Still available, put your stimulus to good use! 😁
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    For Sale Spike+ 10g Mash Tun

  4. peoples22

    For Sale Spike+ 10g Mash Tun

    Selling Spike+ 10 gallon Mash tun. Includes below items: (2) Butterfly valves False bottom pickup tube shorty tube triclamp tee triclamp RTD temp probe All gaskets and clamps to attached above items **UPDATE: Including Blichmann Auto Sparge arm and BrewHardware 1.5" TC friction fit x 1/2"...
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    Spike Flex+ For Sale

    Would you be willing to ship?
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    For Sale SSBrewtech 7 Gal BME Bucket

    Shipping is included
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    For Sale SSBrewtech 7 Gal BME Bucket

    Auburn, Al
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    For Sale SSBrewtech 7 Gal BME Bucket

    Parting ways with my SSBT bucket. 7gallon BME comes with an extra temp probe and batteries along with 90 blow off fitting. Willing to ship within continental US. Asking $175
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    Jaded Brewing Electric Chair

    Selling below Jaded electric chair with following dimensions - Overall Height: 20" Height to clear element: 4.5" Diameter: 17.5" $40 shipped to you.
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    eBrewing and recirculation (Ss Brewtech)

    I have a 15 gallon SSbrewtech kettle with a boil coil. I stopped using the colander and recirculating during the mash to keep things simple and just let the bag sit on the boil coil during mashing. I may or may not stir during my typical ~30 min or so mash. Efficiency is only around 64% but I...
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    Claw hammer supply vs. highgravitybrews

    I've had my high gravity eBIAB system for two years now and my only complaint really is with disassembling the boil coil for more in depth cleaning. I think I may go all tri clamp fittings eventually. It's a solid setup and you won't regret the purchase. Basic Brewing Radio pod cast also has a...
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    [Version 2 Release] RaspberryPints - Digital Taplist Solution

    Hello everyone, I just recently got my raspberry pi 4 in with Raspian OS installed. I was going through the build your own steps on the website and it seems they may be out of date? When trying to install the LAMP package none of them are available anymore and reference other programs. There's...