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    What's your profession?

    Executive Chef.....went to school for Computer Engineering. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    What are you drinking now?

    Nothing right now and that sucks!
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    6 gallon batch of imperial breakfast stout. Brewed with oatmeal cayenne cocoa nibs molasses cold-brewed coffee and maple syrup. Sitting in secondary for 5 weeks now on oak and buffalo trace bourbon. Can't wait for this one to finish.
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    Stuck Fermentation on High Gravity lager

    I have a 5 g batch imperial stout with and OG of 1.111. I put it into two fermenters and shook the hell out if each. I also strained from the boil pot from a few feet high through the strainer to aerate more. After two week it is down to 1.020. I used yeast nutrients to boost the health of...
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    Air lock

    An airlock is in no way a reliable way to tell whether fermentation is occurring. It is a tool used to let gas escape(if necessary). While preventing other bugs and such from entering your beer. If there is a small leak in your fermenter, it may never bubble. It may take 4 hours or 12 or 24...
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    Who loves big beers?

    I love big complex brews, so I am trying my first RIS. It's a big breakfast stout that started at 1.111 OG. 11 # lme. 2.2# molasses and 3.5 oz cluster hops at 60 mins. .5 oz fuggles. .5 oz cluster at 5 mins. Mashed 1# oatmeal with specialty grains and 1# 2 row at 154 for 1 hour. Added...
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    Aging after primary

    Already got my imperial breakfast stout going. About 13% ABV. And everything from coffee to cocoa to cayenne in that bad boy.
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    Double Ipa recipes?

    This will be my third batch. First was a strong scotch ale 7% ABV. Turned out great. Second was an imperial oatmeal stout with cinnamon and bourbon soaked oak. It's 12% about to bottle it. Tastes great. I can do a 4 gallon boil. But I can do a one step mash if necessary.
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    Double Ipa recipes?

    I am looking to brew a double Ipa that I want to dry hop with simcoe and armadillo. Then finish with blood orange syrup and orange zest. Any ideas or recipes how to approach this would be appreciated.
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    Aging after primary

    Alright, let that beer ferment for two week in primary, no change in final gravity. Went from 1.075 to 1.015 or so. Racked to the secondary for two weeks with the bourbon soaked chips. It's been bottles for two weeks. Carbonating nicely, good vanilla oak in the nose and finish that is not...
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    Plastic water jugs as fermenters?

    I have a spare 5 gallon water jug that I was thinking of using as a fermenter. I'm pretty sure I can use it as a primary, but am concerned about ixidation when using long term as a secondary; i.e. for lambics, dry hopping etc.... Any one use these before? Any suggestions?
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    Who wants to trade for a KBS?

    Got some dfh 120 Fw sucaba, or Avery Mephistopheles or the beast. Also plenty of local Texas beers like jester king.
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    RIS blowoff or two fermenters?

    That was my thinking two fermenters means less spilt beer. Plus with the huge og of 1.95 I am aiming for. The nutrients from the kreusen could help prevent stuck fermentation if I can't aerate the wort enough.
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    RIS blowoff or two fermenters?

    I am planning in brewing an RIS and only have a 6.5 gallon fermenting bucket and a 5 gallon carboy. Anticipating a huge kreusen I plan to do a 5.5 g batch. Splitting half to the bucket and the other half to the carboy. Then after kreusen drops racking to the bucket to finish fermenting. Then...
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    24 pounds of dry cured belly bacon (pic heavy)

    IF you want cheap belly to practice your process on or try different flavors, a Chinese market cannot be beat. Often as low as 1.50 a lb. I often get the slab with the skin on so I can make chicharrones. Pay less per pound and get a little more out if it.